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Eid ul Fitr - Eid Mubarak

  • Posted on- Jun 14, 2018
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Eid is acelebratory day that generates the deep devotion and surrender to Allah duringRamadan. It generally means to the breaking of the month-long routine offasting from sunrise to sunset.

'Eid' itselfimplies a 'festive' occasion that spreads joy and happiness all around oneanother. It is an important day of Eid-ul-Fitr that ends the Shawwal month.

Eid is a 3 daylong celebration that re-confirms the rituals of piety, empathy, charity andsolidarity between Muslims all around the world. The festival is celebratedwith huge enthusiasm and affection.

After the completionof the Ramadan month, Eid becomes a great opportunity to thank Allah for thewill-power and endurance to have the month-long fast and follow rules in personalconduct.

The Islamicpractice of giving 'zakat' is also maintained at this time. Just before Eid,Muslims donate some portion of their earnings and grains for the poor, so thatthey too can celebrate Eid with full happiness.

Morningprayers are followed by a sermon and a prayer at the mosque on this fortunateday of Eid festival. Muslims also do Eid prayer 'Do Rakat Namaz' on this day.

People buynew clothes, get dressed in them and proceed to greet their family, relativesand friends saying 'Eid Mubarak'. This is performed via friendly embraces andhandshakes, meant as good gestures of unity.

On theoccasion of Eid, men generally wear white clothes that stand for purity whilewomen & children are attired in especially bright-colored clothes. Childrenalso receive gifts or money by their relatives.

The festivalis also linked with extravagant & lavish decorations, dinner parties andenjoyment. Muslim families host gatherings of and relatives, friends andneighbors and serve them delicious meals.

The festive mealsinclude number of dishes along with the popular milk-based sweet preparationcalled 'seviyan'. The spirit of Eid tries to diminish community & religiousbarriers, and the occurrence of even non-Muslims taking part in thecelebrations of Eid is a common one.

In India,Eid has a great importance, as it is an important public holiday. All schools,colleges and public institutions remain closed to mark the significance of thisday.

Moreover inIndia, there lives a considerably large population of the Muslim minority,which adds to the cultural demographics of India.

With respectof time, all these traditions have strengthened their interaction andintermingling with the Indian culture. Eid has, thus, seeped into India'scultural milieu and is looked forward to by everyone.

Team Lazoiwishes everyone Eid Mubarak. May this festival brings lots if happiness andgreat moments among you all.


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