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World Blood Donor day

  • Posted on- Jun 13, 2018
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World Blood Donor day is celebrated on 14th of June every year. The main aim of this day is to raise the public awareness about the need for safe blood donation voluntarily and unpaid by the healthy person. The theme decided for this year’s World Blood Donor day is “Blood Connects us All”.

The day was first celebrated in 2004 by “the World Health Organization, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies”. The slogan for this year’s World Blood Donor day is “Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life”.

The objective of World Blood Donor day is to celebrate and thank individuals who donate blood and to encourage those who have not yet donated blood to start donating.

The campaign of this year’s World Blood Donor day targets to highlight the cases of people whose lives have been saved via blood donation, as a way of motivating regular blood donors to continue giving blood and to motivate people in good health who have never given blood to begin doing so, particularly young people.

The basic aim of World Blood Donor day is to motivate younger people, who can be a bit nervous or unsure about giving blood, to feel encouraged to sign up and start donating, so that the donor population doesn’t decline but stays strong.

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated each year to aware people about the need of safe blood transfusion as well as importance of blood donation throughout the world. The celebration involves organizing lots of activities and programs on international and national level.

The donated blood that is collected after blood donation is used to save lives of major lyanemic women, anemic kids, accident victims having excess blood loss, surgical patients, cancerous patients, thalassemia  patients, people suffering from the hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, blood disorders, blood clotting disorders and many more.

Blood donors are important on World Blood Donor day as they donate life-saving gifts of blood to the needed person. Adequate supply of blood and its products can only be fulfilled by the regular and safe donations by the self motivated, voluntary and unpaid blood donors.

The number of donors in many of the countries are still less, and thus World Blood Donor Day is important to these countries to raise awareness of blood donation and further increase supply in order to save as many lives as possible.

On this World Blood Donor day, the public should be encouraged to donate blood and save the life of suffering people as much as possible.


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