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Ignorance – Sometimes it can be very Dangerous

  • Posted on- Jun 08, 2018
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Nothing is this world is more dangerous than an ignorance and irrelevance. One should not ignore such things that can prove to be hazardous in future if not taken care properly.

For instance, if one chooses to have her delivery done in a small nursing home without taking care of the in house ICU facilities and if any possible complication arises like heavy bleeding, it can further lead to death of the mother or baby.

Very recently, Supreme Court has delivered a judgment in a case where in a nursing home in Bengal was implicated for performing Hysterectomy on a patient and not been able to provide in house ICU facilities when problems arose.

The judgment had an implied affect that Hospitals/Nursing Homes which don't have ICU facility if performs surgeries which generally requires intensive care in post operative period shall amount to medical negligence in reference to consumer courts and shall be liable for compensation.

The fact remains that only 10-15% patients require intensive monitoring and care even after a routine surgery. A normal delivery which can be conducted by a nurse at a maternity center without any kind of risk can convert into a very high risk procedure because of a post partum hemorrhage and shall require shifting to an ICU. It does not mean that all deliveries should be conducted in a hospital with an ICU.

An ICU is a specialized wing of healthcare which is not created by infrastructure and installation of equipment alone but it also needs trained manpower round the clock with 24 hours lab back up.

There are many maternity hospitals and nursing homes available, so it is necessary to begin your search well in advance. If you can find a hospital that suits your expectations and budget then you can have a relaxed childbirth without any complaints.

Make sure that your gynecologist can come and attend your delivery regardless of time and place choose the hospital based on the availability of your gynecologist or obstetrician.

See if the hospital has in-house or on-call pediatricians to check the baby post delivery. Also ensure whether they will allow the mother and baby to stay in the same hospital room in case of normal delivery.

Ask if there is a Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and adult ICU to be sure to handle any unforeseen medical conditions for the baby or the mother post delivery. If not, then don't opt for that nursing home as further it can lead to severe complications.


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