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World No Tobacco Day

  • Posted on- May 30, 2018
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World No Tobacco Day is being celebrated today i.e. 31st of May, 2018. The theme decided for this year's World No Tobacco Day is "Tobacco and Heart Disease". The World No Tobacco Day is celebrated across the world with the happening of lots of campaigns and workshops.

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated across all the world in order to make people easily get aware of all the problems and health complications happened by the intake of tobacco or smoking to prevent all the health hazards to make the whole world free of tobacco and healthy world of people.

Passive smoking can be bad for anyone, even if he himself is not smoking. When you are around a person who is smoking a cigarette, most of the smoke doesn't enter into the lungs. Most of the smoke enters in the air which you or anyone near you is breathing. This is one of the main reasons why smoking should be banned in public spaces.

Tobacco use is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD), involving coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease (a narrowing of arteries). There is an estimate which shows that knowledge among much of the public that tobacco is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is low.

The main aim of the World No Tobacco Day is to draw public attention globally to spread the message of harmful effects of tobacco use as well as its complications to others.

It is very important to stop the use of tobacco on worldwide basis as it leads to many diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (also called COPD), lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes, chronic heart diseases, emphysema, variety of cancers and etc.

The use of tobacco can be in various forms like cigarettes, cigars, bidis, creamy snuff (tooth paste), kreteks, pipes, gutkha, chewing tobacco, hand rolling tobacco, snuff, water pipes, snus, so it is very essential to stop the use of tobacco products as well.

There are some steps which should be ensured globally on World No Tobacco Day to protect people from the harms of tobacco. Some of the measures include:

  • Make smoke-free public places, workplaces, and public transportation
  • People who choose to quit tobacco should be helped, such as toll-free quit lines
  • Implementation of plain packaging or prominent and graphic health warnings on tobacco packaging
  • Launching effective anti-tobacco mass media campaigns that educate the public about the harms of tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure
  • Enforcement of comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship
  • Increased taxes on tobacco products to make them less affordable


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