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World Family Doctor Day

  • Posted on- May 18, 2018
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The world family doctor day is celebrated every year on the 19th of May. This day is dedicated to acknowledging the importance of family doctor in our everyday lives. The presence of family doctors in our lives cannot be replaced. What is most important when we face a sudden medical crisis, the first essential need is the immediate opinion of a doctor. This is where the importance of a family doctor is immense. You will want to take the opinion of a reliable doctor before you choose to get a specialized treatment done, this opinion will need to be from a reliable person who you have been depending on for a considerable period of time.

The most important reason this day is celebrated is to spread awareness among people about the importance of having a family doctor and seeking constant guidance from them.It is essential to have a doctor who is familiar with the way your body responds to your medicines and the way your immunity works. This kind of knowledge helps a physician to offer or suggest the best course of treatment for an individual. Irrespective of the time of the medical emergency these physicians can be reached, as they have a major tie with the family and have been associated with them for long period of time.

They are well aware of the family history when it comes to health-related issues, making it easy for them to recognize any issue that is related to genetics or the ones that may run in the family. All of these make a family doctor the go to person when it comes to any kind of medical emergency and the healthcare related suggestions required.

The day is mainly for acknowledging the importance of family doctors and spreading the awareness among people regarding the benefits of having a family physician. Making it possible for people to understand the role of a family doctor and being able to make them a part of their life.


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