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World hypertension day

  • Posted on- May 17, 2018
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World hypertension day is celebrated each year on the 17th of May. Like many health issues the need to prevent and take precautions against hyper tension is very essential. Most of the health issues overpower people and cause deterioration of their health condition because of the lack of knowledge about them and the lack of mindful actions to prevent them. Each and every disease or health condition has some specific causes, knowing them and taking required precautions against them can help people to prevent these from occurring. But, this can only be done when people are aware of the kind of causes these medical conditions. It is with this aim that a day is dedicated to the medical condition known as hypertension. The aim is to dedicate a day to spreading awareness about hypertension and encouraging people to take precautions to prevent its occurrence.

According to the surveys done in various countries, the awareness of people regarding their blood pressure levels was majorly absent. Even those who are well educated and well aware are ignorant about this issue. This threw light on the need for spreading more awareness about this health condition. Hypertension is a lifestyle health issue. Too much stress and lack of rest can be a major cause of this health issue. Although there are various other causes, the above mentioned can not only lead to increased blood pressures levels but can also be the cause of increasing the existing hypertension related issues. Keeping this in mind it is important to make sure you are able to take the required steps to reduce stress levels in your life and do the required things to keep your hypertension under control.

The simple thing about lifestyle related diseases is the fact that they can be kept under control just by making some subtle lifestyle changes and by taking slight precautions. But, these precautions need knowledge and the whole idea of dedicating a day to a particular disease is to make sure that awareness is spread all across the world. From helping people to be more aware of the symptoms and the causes of hypertension to spreading information about the best cure as well as the best medical institutions to get the treatment done, all of it is done on this day.

The world hypertension day is an opportunity to make sure people are aware and are taking steps to make sure they continue to enjoy good health.


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