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National Dengue Day

  • Posted on- May 16, 2018
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16th May has been declared as the National Dengue Day by the government of India. This day is dedicated to spreading awareness about dengue and various aspects related to this disease. The initiative is to make sure that people all over the nation are aware of the various ways of protecting themselves from dengue and the various reasons that are the cause of dengue. The thing with various diseases is that most of them take place due to the ignorance of people and the lack of knowledge regarding various diseases and their prevention.

It is to make sure that people are able to take the required steps to prevent dengue from spreading to a large number of people. Dengue is a disease that has been spreading across the country drastically for years and has been the cause of loss of life for a long period of time. It is essential to understand that the more people are aware of the symptoms, the causes and the precautions of dengue, the more they will be able to prevent deaths taking place form this disease.

This day is dedicated to the organization of talks, camps as well as initiatives for spreading awareness regarding dengue and also helping people to know more about the causes of the disease. Some of the main causes of this disease and precautions suggested include, staying away from mosquitos as they are the main cause of dengue fever. It is suggested that you keep the surroundings of your house clean and do not let water accumulate in places as they are the breeding spots for mosquitos. It is important to take precautions, like using mosquito repellent to make sure you are not bitten by mosquitos.

It is to make sure that these detailed information about the disease are well known by people and they can implement them in their day to day lives, that the national dengue day is celebrated.


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