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World Red Cross Day

  • Posted on- May 08, 2018
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World Red Cross Day is celebrated on the 8th of May across the world. This day is dedicated to the birth anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross. This day celebrates the principles of ‘International red cross and Red Crescent movement’.

The objectives of World Red Cross Day are as follows:

  • To prevent death due to disaster, the main aim is to provide relief and treatment to people who have been negatively affected by natural disasters.
  • To spread awareness among people regarding living healthy lives in vulnerable areas of the world. Help people in the maintenance of healthy living conditions and manage any public health emergencies.
  • An initiative to reduce the amount of death due to epidemics spreading in various areas.
  • To encourage communities and societies involved with the welfare of people, to immediately respond to health disasters.
  • Helping involved in war or battle of some kind to get immediate nursing and relief.


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