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World Asthma Day

  • Posted on- May 01, 2018
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Asthma is a respiratory disease that is chronic and largely prevalent in people all over the world. What is more essential to keep in mind is the fact that this disease is very common in children and can remain a chronic issue for years. This is a lifestyle disease, largely dependent on various causes. These causes may be too much exposure to dust and dirt, weak immunity system, allergy due to various environmental irritants, a family history of the disease, an unhealthy lifestyle, passive smoking and much more. Whatever the cause may be asthma can be cured and does not need to haunt you for the rest of your life.

It is important to keep the fact in mind that asthma can be prevented before one gets to a stage when there is no potential cure to the chronic state of breathing disorder they are experiencing. There are a few subtle lifestyle changes and some precautions that will help you to avoid asthma. These are easy to adapt and do not need much effort, but often people are not aware of such essential information regarding asthma, its symptoms and its prevention. People are not aware of this fact that, lifestyle changes can make it possible for you to prevent asthma.

It is for this reason that World Asthma Day is celebrated each year on the 1st of May all around the world. The main aim is to spread the awareness regarding this disease, its causes and how people can protect themselves from it. In today's day and age, this kind of awareness is crucial, keeping in mind that there is a huge amount of air pollution we all are living in, it is impossible to completely do away with that right away. All we can do to keep our health on track is take the preventive measures and make the required lifestyle change for that purpose. World Asthma Day is celebrated to make it possible for people to know about the various aspects of the disease.

On this day, there are medical professionals, specialists and various organizations dealing with the cure, prevention and spreading awareness regarding asthma, organize camps and come together to educate and inform people. This happens all over the globe various major institutions work towards spreading towards spreading awareness regarding asthma.

Some facts about Asthma

Approximately, 235 million people across the world are suffering from this disease.

In India, approximately 2 crore people are suffering from this disease.

Most of the deaths that take place due to Asthma occur in the lower or middle-income places in the world.

Lifestyle plays a very crucial role in the occurrence of this disease.

It is a chronic disease that may last for the longest period of time and be the cause of your discomfort in breathing.


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