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Brain Tumours – Facts to know!!

  • Posted on- Apr 23, 2018
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Brain tumours may be cancerous (malignant )or non cancerous (benign). Almost 1 million cases occur in a year in India. Exact Cause is usually not known. Brain tumour can arise primarily in brain called Primary brain tumour and secondarily can arise from other part of the body and spread to brain called secondaries or metastatic brain tumours.

1. Benign – slow growing, not cancerous and won’t spread to surrounding structures

2. Malignant – fast growing, cancerous and spread to surrounding structures. May reoccur after the treatment.

Most common brain tumours – Meningiomas, Gliomas, Pituitary adenomas, Acoustic schwannomas.

I) Primary brain tumours –

  1. Meningiomas – Arise from meninges
  2. Gliomas – Arise from brain and spinal cord.- astrocytomas, glioblastomas, ependymomas, oligoastrocytomas,and oligodendrogliomas.
  3. Pituitary adenomas
  4. Acoustic schwannomas
  5. Craniophyryngiomas-non cancerous
  6. Medulloblastomas- common in children and behind brain and spreads in cerebrospinal spinal fluid.
  7. PNET – Primitive neuroectodemal tumour, starts in embryonic cells of brain. These can occur anywhere in brain.

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