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Cystoscopy & Removal of Polyp

  • Posted on- Apr 23, 2018
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Bladder pain is consistent with having polyps, that are little, benign over growths that develop within the bladder's lining. Having dyspepsia, nausea, heartburn, sharp bladder pains, infections and swelling will indicate bladder polyps.

After getting diagnosed by a doctor, somebody affected by bladder polyps should prepare himself for polyp removal that may be a comparatively fast procedure performed in a hospital.

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Since polyps could come, the patient should be watchful at the primary sign of bladder pain to stop overgrowth, cancer, and urinary issues.


People who are getting ready for a bladder polyp removal should refrain from urination for an hour before the test. The doctor could bring down some pain medication required before the surgery.

Once inside the doctor's office, the patient will lie with both legs apart whereas the nurse administers antiseptic and local anesthesia to the genital region. The patient can opt for the application of anesthesia , however it's not necessary for such a fast surgery.


The doctor can slowly insert a thin cystoscope, a narrow, cylindrical device, through the channel and up the bladder. The patient will not feel anything.

When the cystoscope is in place, the doctor can then fill the bladder with sterile saline thus he will see the interior of the bladder simply with a little camera at the tip of the cystoscope.

He then cuts the polyps with a little instrument via the cystoscope or destroys the tissue with electrical current and withdraws the instruments from your body.

There is no need for sewing since there aren't any visible cuts on the body.


After having the polyps removed, the patient could experience pain upon voiding and maybe some blood within the water.

The doctor could bring down pain medication and advise the patient to drink many water to flush out the saline and speed recovery.


Since having benign bladder polyps is powerfully related to smoking, it's best to scale back or quit smoking fully to stop the return.

Middle-aged men have a better incidence of polyps and folks who live in an extremely urbanized space are at risk of obtaining polyps, thus recent air and healthy food are also of some profit to preventing bladder polyps.


Some complications that will arise from untreated bladder polyps embody doable malignancy and metastasis and chronic inflammation and pain.

Bladder polyps virtually never get away on their own, thus if the patient is affected by polyps, have them surgically removed as shortly as doable. Most patients who have bladder polyp removal surgery are ready to walk and return to normal everyday activities soon after the surgery.

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