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Total Skin Electron Therapy

  • Posted on- Apr 16, 2018
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Total skin electron therapy (TSET) is an effective form of radiation-based treatment for mycosis fungoides, a type of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

As the name suggests, the entire surface of the skin is treated with radiation however, only low-energy electrons are used to destroy cancer cells.

Because electrons do not travel deep below the surface of the skin, underlying tissues and organs are usually unaffected by Total skin electron therapy (TSET).

Most patients who receive Total skin electron therapy (TSET) have two sessions per week for a period of six to nine weeks.

However, this schedule can be adjusted based on several patient-specific factors. Additionally, if signs of cancer are still present after the completion of an initial treatment cycle, additional “boost” treatments might be recommended to destroy any remaining cancer cells. 

To help improve a patient’s outcome, oncologists may recommend one or more treatments before or after Total skin electron therapy (TSET), such as:

At the hospital, the doctors offer a range of treatments to improve not only the patient's skin but also their quality of life.

Because their radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, and dosimetrists are highly specialized and experienced in their respective fields, they are able to make the best use of their advanced technologies while helping to limit any treatment-related side effects.

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