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Feeding Jejunostomy : Techniques, Indications, and Complications

  • Posted on- Apr 16, 2018
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The viscus could be a part of the small intestine, just under the abdomen. A surgery tube conjointly referred to as a J-tube, is inserted into the small intestine through the abdomen. J-tubes are used to offer nutrients to those that cannot ingest properly.

How J-tubes work

The purpose of a J-tube is to bypass the abdomen and help nutrients to enter the enteral tract directly. Liquid nutrition, manufactured from blenderized food, or an advertisement formula, flows through the tube. The tube conjointly permits delivery of medicines.

Patients for Feeding Jejunostomy

J-tubes are used for people with severe eating disorder, exocrine gland disease, assimilation disorders, liver failure and metabolic stress.

Pump in Feeding Jejunostomy

A feeding pump pushes the nutrition formula through the tube. Once the patient is free from the hospital, she/he is going to be trained about the correct use of the tube reception. A nurse might also visit the patient’s home to help or train.

Precautions to Feeding Jejunostomy

J-tubes got to be flushed with lukewarm water before and once formula or medication is employed. Patients should take care to not bump or pull out the J-tube. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital recommends children’s J-tubes be taped to vesture or secured to the body with stretchable gauze.

For individuals with conditions or diseases that severely have an effect on digestion or absorption of nutrients, a surgery feeding tube is often a lifesaver. Surgery feedings will provide people energy, sanctioning them to come back to their traditional activities.

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