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What is K-Wire Removal?

  • Posted on- Apr 16, 2018
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What are K-Wires?

K-wires are surgical wires that are accustomed to holding bones in a stable position following the surgery. The K-wires stick out of the skin, so they'll be simply removed once the bone heals.

Kirschner wires otherwise referred to as ‘K-wires’ are chrome steel wires normally utilized in orthopedic or cosmetic surgery to secure a fracture or support a bone.

The K-wire is often inserted into a bone directly through the skin surface (leaving the top projecting through the skin) or buried beneath soft tissue.

This type of fixation is usually used for hand or finger injuries, because it may be a comparatively non-invasive technique, and might offer adequate stability with least soft tissue exposure.

They are lined with a dressing and a bandage and also the patient won't be able to see them instead they will be exposed out of the toe or finger.

How to prepare oneself for K-Wire removal?

Prior to the patient’s clinic appointment, it's made sure that the patient takes some easy pain relief (e.g. paracetamol).

Etonox (gas and air) could also be used for pain relief.  The nurse can justify a way to use this.

The bandage is removed within the plaster area. This doesn't hurt however a loud machine could also be used and the patient could feel the vibration from the plaster cutter.

Removal of the K-Wires

The dressings round the K-wires are removed and skin around the K-wire is cleansed before the K-wire is removed. This procedure is fast and will feel strange however isn't sometimes too uncomfortable.

The small wound could bleed and dressings are applied. The patient is suggested to keep the dressing for a specific period of time.

The disabled bone ought to be healing and also the discomfort from the K-wire removal ought to settle within a number of hours. It’s counseled so that the patient continues his activities with ease.


A further bandage could also be applied for a number of additional weeks.

Patients are suggested exercises to induce movement and bring strength back. Some adult patients could need some doctor once the removal of K-wires. Kids mustn't play contact sports for 4-6 weeks once removal of the solid.


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