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What’s new in the world of cosmetic dentistry?

  • Posted on- Jun 17, 2015
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With people becoming increasingly aware about the way they look cosmetic dentistry and dental treatments have skyrocketed in terms of the number of people who are opting for changes. While cosmetic dentistry has been around for many years, the dental treatments that were performed were mainly for hygienic purposes to ensure that further complications did not arise due to a flaw in the dental structures.

Things, have however, changed since then. A large number of people are now opting in for cosmetic dental surgery to obtain a better smile alone. And why not, when you can achieve the dazzling smile and surprise anyone in a party, it is obviously something that many people are willing to pay for.

With demand increasing each day, there are various scientific advancements that have taken place in the arena. There are procedures that have been developed to rectify the alignment, colour and shape of teeth so that the facial features of an individual can be given a boost.

Some of the dental cosmetic procedures that are common these days include veneers, porcelain crowns, dental whitening, reshaping teeth, micro abrasions, bonding, orthodontics and periodontal re-sculpting. No longer do people have to live with stained teeth as they can get them whitened or crowned with porcelain crowns to remove or hide the stains. Gaps in teeth can be closed with bonding and porcelains caps as well.

Many people use whitening products like whitening toothpastes in the hope that the colour of their teeth will become brighter. But these over the counter products hardly make a difference since they are not made for professional use. A visit to the dental clinic will help you in getting the details of a teeth whitening tray that can be used in the night to achieve white and shiny teeth in a matter of a fortnight. The whitening gels that are used in the trays are made for professional use and they contain a higher proportion of hydrogen peroxide so that the action is far more effective.

Laser techniques are being used in the area of cosmetic dentistry too. The technique uses laser technology to slowly remove parts of the teeth that are jutting out or those that are not in a line. Tooth shaping done with the precision of a laser can give you a smile that you would never have imagined possible.

In case you have lost a tooth in a fall or in a fight, you do not have to hide your toothless grin all your life. You can get a dental implant surgery with small titanium posts that are fitted in the jawbone. Not only do these implants help in maintaining the original face structure, they also ensure that the remaining teeth do not deteriorate. For procedures that are likely to impact the face structure significantly, there are digital smile design software options that most dental clinics use so that they can show their clients what the end result is likely to be.


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10-02-2018 12:54 PM

One of my friend has lost his teeths during an accident. The doctor advised him to have artificial teeths (dentures). He had the treatment done.

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30-12-2016 12:28 PM

I had gone through dental implant. Procedure is very good and post operative results are very good. It fully changed my appearance.

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