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How Keeping A Fast During Navratri Can Prove To Be Helpful For You

  • Posted on- Mar 23, 2018
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Majority of the population who celebrate Navratri prefer to keep a fast. Under this, they refrain from eating non-vegetarian food and restrict their diet to completely satvik food. During these nine days of the festival, people prefer to keep the fast in honor of goddess Durga. The idea is to refrain from eating non-vegetarian food and anything that falls under the bracket of food that is not considered pure and should not be consumed during Hindu religious ceremonies. People generally do this with a religious sentiment and with all the faith they have in the almighty.

But, there are amazing benefits of consuming this kind of food for fasting. People may not be aware of the fact that consumption of the restricted diet can actually be beneficial for the health of an individual. When you restrict to eating vegetarian food and also replace many of your food choices with more natural ingredients for nine days at a stretch, you give your body the opportunity to detox.

Here are some of the benefits of observing fast and restricting to limited food choices.

#1. It is generally a much healthier choice to opt for vegetarian food. Consumption of a large amount of vegetables and fruits on a regular basis can prove to be more nutritious and healthy for the body. A vegetarian diet is nourishing and the side effects of eating vegetarian food on a regular basis are none in comparison to that of consuming non-vegetarian.

#2. Consuming vegetarian, non-fried food and more fruits, helps the body to detoxify. The body is able to flush out the unwanted toxins that are creating negative energy in the body. Constant consumption of non-vegetarian food or food that is high in calories can make it impossible for the body to get rid of the toxins, leading to various kinds of health issues. When you choose this kind of diet for nine days at a stretch, it makes it much easier for the body to release the toxins.

#3. Not consuming alcohol for nine long days is a bliss for your body. Although you may not be consuming alcohol on a regular basis, the repercussions of doing it on each weekend or often can be quite adverse for the body. Nine days of no alcohol consumption can help the body to get rid of a large amount of toxins.

#4. People keeping a fast need to refrain from consuming the regular salt. The only salt they can consume is the rock salt also known as 'sendhanamak'. The benefits of consuming this salt are multiple. This salt helps to keep the blood pressure in check and absorb minerals better.

Thus, when you choose to keep a fast it is going to make sure your body will release the toxic and heal itself restoring it to better health. You not only do it for religious reasons, you also get to heal your body and enjoy the festivities all at the same time.


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