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How To Stay Fit And Healthy During This Navratri

  • Posted on- Mar 22, 2018
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Every festive season is filled with fun, celebrations and lots of delicious food. Among all the hustle and bustle of festive celebrations and various fun events taking place, there hardly is any time to think about the health. People go all out and enjoy the festive season, indulge in all kinds of festive excitement and forget to keep track of their health. The consequences of this are visible after the nine days of celebration are over and it is time to go back to the daily life.

Late night celebrations, no track of the food we tend to eat, in some cases fasting and the lack of sleep can prove to be harmful and take a toll on the health of every individual. Sometimes it is impossible to make sure we avoid all the stress and strain our body goes through during the festive times. We all are naturally inclined towards celebrating and enjoying the much-awaited festive season. It is practically impossible to maintain the regular routine during the festivities.

At the same time, it is essential to make sure we do not have to face the repercussions of the lack of discipline during the festive times. Here are a few tips you can follow during Navratri in order to stay fit and healthy during the festival as well as after it.

#1. Drink lots of water throughout the day.

It is very important to drink a large amount of water throughout the day in order to keep the body hydrated. Irrespective of how much stress you go through and the kind of food you eat during Navratri, drinking water will reduce the negative repercussions of these activities. Late nights and lack of rest for the body can get worse if the body is dehydrated. Good amount of water intake can always make it possible for your body to remain healthy and fit. Moreover, you will not have to refrain from making the most of the celebrations and yet you will be able to enjoy a good health.

#2. Make sure you eat healthy food.

While it may not be possible for you to eat only healthy food at all times during the celebrations. It is definitely possible to make sure that you eat entirely healthy food for one or two meals and then enjoy the festive food for the rest of the meals. This will help you to keep balance when it comes to consumption of food. Consumption of too much unhealthy food can lead to negative impact on the health. But when you maintain the balance it is possible to eliminate the negative repercussions.

#3. Make sure you get enough sleep.

It is very important to get sleep whenever it is possible. Late nights are common during festivals and in case you have a large group of people to hang out with, it is going to be impossible to go to sleep on time. It is just for a few days, so you can enjoy all the fun of the late-night festivities. But, make sure you get some sleep whenever you can snatch some time.

#4. Do not stop working out

It will be important to exercise on a regular basis. Do not stop exercising just because you are in the festive mood. You can always take out ten minutes to do a regular round of fitness exercise and you are set for the day. This will always make sure you are not feeling a fatigue and keep you fit and healthy irrespective of what you choose to eat.


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