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International Day For The Elimination For Racial Discrimination

  • Posted on- Mar 21, 2018
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According to laws related to human rights, each and every individual is entitled to be treated equally. Irrespective of their cast and color they are all supposed to receive equal treatment and opportunities. It is very crucial for every human being to receive equal opportunities in order to move ahead in life and create a decent life for themselves. Unfortunately, this is not how the society today functions. There is a lot of racial discrimination that takes place in various parts of the world. Over the years people have been facing the negative repercussions of the existing racial discrimination in the world. What is more essential to understand is the idea that people around the world are aware of the negative impact of racial discrimination. They also understand the need to get rid of such prejudices from the society. In spite of this, people are not willing to change this kind of mindset and change the way they treat other individuals.

Keeping the above facts in mind the International Day for the elimination of racial Discrimination is celebrated each year on the 21st March in order to spread awareness about the existing racial discrimination in the world and the need for doing away with it. This day is one opportunity to make sure that people can understand how crucial it is to eliminate racial discrimination from the world. People go about their lives and hardly tend to find any time to look at the wrong taking place in the society. Dedicating the day to such issues and for spreading awareness regarding such things makes it possible to attract the attention of people to such discrimination.

There are various activities that take place on this day. These activities are organized all over the world by people from different sections of the society, including students, teachers, corporates, and many other individuals gather all around the world in order to spread awareness regarding the need for elimination of racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is the cause of a large amount of unrest and violence taking place all around the globe. People lose their life every single day in some part of the world because of the presence of racial discrimination.

It is with the aim of doing away with this kind of negative impact of racial discrimination that this day is dedicated to creating awareness in the world. What is essential to keep in mind is the fact that racial discrimination exists right around the corner. It is in our neighborhood, it is in our country, it is in our community and yet so many of us are going about life and do not have the slightest idea about the existence of major racial discrimination causing discomfort to people. People do not have knowledge about the kind of negative impact this kind of racial discrimination can have. Yet others do not think it is essential to take any action against it, as far as they are not affected by it. This kind of behavior needs to be done away with and there is a need to create awareness in people. International Day for the elimination of racial Discrimination serves this purpose.


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