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This Navratri Choose Healthy Food Options Over Unhealthy Ones

  • Posted on- Mar 21, 2018
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During these nine days of celebrations during Navratri, a large number of people who belong to the Hindu community observe fast. The kind of fast, people observe during these nine days requires them to restrict to eating a certain kind of food. Non-vegetarian food and those that are cooked in a certain way with a set of common ingredients are strictly prohibited. People need to eat simple food and the options are minimum.

This situation generally compels people to avail any option that is easily available. The lack of options and in many cases the lack of knowledge generally leads to consumption of unhealthy food. Some of the easy to avail options during Navratri fasting are fried food that may include really unhealthy ingredients. The consumption of such food for nine days is generally not a very positive thing to do. This is exactly why it is essential to resort to healthy options.

Here are some of the healthy food options you can choose over the unhealthy ones and make it through these nine days of festivities. There is absolutely no need to eat unhealthy food that leads to fatigue. You can enjoy the Navratri completely, make the most of the festive season and yet opt for healthy food options.


#1. Kuttu Ka Atta

Kuttu Ka Atta which is also known as Buckwheat flour is one of the best options when it comes to the kind of healthy food for fasting you can choose during Navratri. The most beneficial aspect of this ingredient is the fact that it contains a large amount of fibre. This helps in cleaning out all the toxins in the body. This ingredient is also very filling, it generally helps in keeping the stomach filled for a long period of time. This can prove to be really helpful when you are keeping a fast and need to restrict eating too often and also reducing the number of meals you tend to have.

#2. Rajgiri Ka Atta

Rajgiri Ka Atta has a high fibre content and also protein, making it the best possible replacement for wheat atta. Another positive aspect of this ingredient is the fact that, you can make bread, chapatis and various other food items that can prove to be a great option for Navratri food.

#3. Sabudana

Sabudana can prove to be a saviour for you in case you are looking for a healthy option for fasting during Navratri. This helps to keep the body cool and make sure the summer heat is having the least effect on your body. Another benefit of this amazing ingredient is the fact that you can use it to create a large number of delicious dishes. You do not need to repeat the same food options each and every day for nine days, with this ingredient you can cook various dishes to suit your taste and desire.

#3. Makhana

Fox nuts or makhana is a really popular food option for fasting during the Navratri. They are infused with a large number of antioxidants which makes it possible to flush out the toxins from your body.


#1. Fried food

There are a wide range of fried food options that are available during Navratri. Most of the fasting food available are fried and these are easily available. This is what makes them the easiest option to avail. Fried food is absolutely unhealthy and takes a major toll on your health.

#2. High-Calorie Food

Many of the food options and the dishes prepared for Navratri are very high in calorie. It is important to make sure that you do not eat too many of these, this will increase the heat in the body and will also take a major toll on your health.

#3. Packed Juices

Drinking aerated juices can prove to be very negative for your health. These contain a high level of synthetic food ingredients that are harmful to the body. They are extremely easily available making it the most favorite choice. But, the negative repercussions of these drinks are many.


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