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Healthcare Portal in Uttar Pradesh

  • Posted on- Mar 10, 2018
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Lazoi is an online healthcare portal that is a one stop solution for various kinds of healthcare services. We provide multiple services related to healthcare ranging from booking Doctor's Appointments,Diagnostic Tests, Ordering Medicines, Insurance Services, Blood Bank services, Ambulance services to Software for management of Doctor's profiles, Hospital management and Lab management.

Our services are easily available in various parts of the country. One such city where our reach has increased over a period of time is Uttar Pradesh. We have a tie up with around 2885+ doctors in the state, making us one of the best health care portal in Uttar Pradesh. Along with providing you easy access to multiple doctors and hospitals in the state, we also offer a wide range of healthcare and medical services. You can avail all of these services from the comfort of your home through our online portal.

With Lazoi you are sure to have a flawless health care experience. You will be able to access services including, booking doctor's appointment, keeping the record of your medical history, ordering medicines online, getting information related to your medical and healthcare queries. You will also be able to avail our health cards which remain a very rewarding healthcare investment. Lazoi health card is a pre-determined package the offers various medical services to the health card member at a discounted rate. This makes us a one stop solution for a wide range of health care needs and the best health care portal in Uttar Pradesh.

Each of the service we offer is designed keeping in mind the requirements of people from all sections of the society. Irrespective of the urgency and nature of your need, you will find a solution for your medical challenge on Lazoi. We understand that unexpected medical expenses can prove to be a challenge for budget driven families. This is the reason we offer services at various prices and in different packages, to suit the demands of people with diverse needs. Our main aim is to ease out the process of connecting patients and medical service providers.

The services we offer at Lazoi are not only restricted to medical and healthcare treatments, you will gain access to other crucial services. These include, information regarding the doctors and hospitals in various cities, detailed information about various diseases and health problems, making us the best health care portal in Uttar Pradesh. The blog on our website is a store house of all the information you will need to better understand various diseases and health issues. Once you choose to avail services from Lazoi all your medical and healthcare requirements will be taken care of by us.

Please logon to www.lazoi.com in order to gain detailed information about all the services we offer.


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