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World kidney day

  • Posted on- Mar 07, 2018
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World kidney day is a global awareness campaign with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of our Kidneys. This day is celebrated every year in order to stress on the importance of taking good care of the Kidneys. All across the world there are various events that are organized with the hope of spreading awareness among people and encouraging them to take steps to take proper care of their Kidneys.

All over the globe there are various Kidney related problems that people face. Kidney problems prove to be the cause of major health crisis for a large amount of people. This is an effort to make sure that people are conscious about the way they choose to treat their Kidneys and the kind of things that may lead to serious damage on their Kidneys. There are various instances where people tend to fall pray to Kidney related problems only due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance.

The various objectives behind organizing the world Kidney day include:

  • Highlighting the fact that diabetes and high blood pressure are causes of chronic Kidney problems. People are not aware of such facts and tend to remain ignorant. Being aware in such cases can prove to be beneficial for preventing any serious threat caused to the Kidney.
  • It is an effort to encourage the systematic screening of all patients with hypertension and diabetes for Chronic Kidney related diseases.
  • It is an effort to encourage prevention and spread awareness regarding prevention related behaviour.
  • This is also an effort to educate medical professionals regarding detecting and reducing the risk of Kidney diseases.
  • To encourage the fact that transplant is the best possible option for Kidney failure.
  • To make people aware of the fact that organ donation is a very positive and life saving behaviour.

Every year the campaign is based on a particular theme and most of the initiatives that year are based on the theme.


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