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international women's day

  • Posted on- Mar 07, 2018
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The international women's day is globally celebrated on the 8th of March every year. The day is dedicated to celebrating women and their achievements all over the world. This is an initiative to acknowledge and celebrate the social, economical and political achievements of women. It is a massive effort to promote and encourage gender equality all over the globe. The main aim is to throw light on the need for doing away with gender distinction and inequality.

We are aware of the barriers women have faced and the history of women's struggle for equality and independence. Over the years women have been successful in attaining a better status in the male dominated society and have been able to create a social standing for themselves. Although, people have been working towards women's empowerment and gender equality for a long time, there is always the need to reinforce the importance of such initiatives. This is where women's day comes into play. Each year we dedicate this day to women, their achievements and their contribution to life. Making it possible to remind the world about the contribution of women and importance of equal treatment of men and women.

It is essential to create a world where men and women enjoy the same set of opportunities and social standing. This realization led to the struggle for women's equality. For the longest period of time women have fought for gender equality and for achieving an equal social standing. Now, each year women's day is celebrated in order throw light on the importance of maintaining gender equality all over the world. It is an effort to make sure people do not go back to their old patterns of restricting women and continue to fight for the progress of women.

Even today there are a set of people in various parts of the world who continue to treat women as the weaker section of the society and restrict the free expression of women's talents. This makes it even more essential to dedicate this day to all the women around the world and to make sure that the efforts for reducing the injustice against women remains alive.


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