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  • Posted on- Mar 06, 2018
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Chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic stone diseases are formation of calcificationor stones in the pancreatic duct causing duct blockage. It may lead to obstruction andpancreatic leading to acute pain in stomach radiating to back or chroniclingering pain. It may lead to indigestion leading to 5 to 6 foul smellinggreasy stools with early onset of diabetes, weight loss and malnutrition.Causes of this disease are alcohol intake, gall stones, tropical or hereditaryorigin, too much fat intake. Early diagnosis is needed to cure it.ultrasoundabdomen followed by MRI abdomen can achieve the diagnosis. Causative factorshould be treated.alcohol intake need to be curbed..Gall bladder removal to bedone if stones in gall bladder is the causative factor
If too much symptoms are there, medicaltreatment like pain killers , antoxipan and pancreatic enzyme supplements likecreon can help in relieving symptoms.extreme cases may need pancreaticendotherapy or surgery to open the duct and remove the stones called lateralpancreaticojejunostomy may be needed. Avoid fatty diet.treat eralydiabetes and take pancreatic enzyme supplements to avoud further damage topancreas. Fatty
pancreas report on ultrasound should be investigated with amylaselipase blood levels to rule out this condition.

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