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Complete guide on cost of Conchoplasty in Delhi

  • Posted on- Jan 31, 2018
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The nose has 3 elongated, narrow and curled – shell-like structures in its inner part, which are called nasal turbinate or nasal conchae. They have the main function to humidify, warm and filter the air before reaching the trachea and lungs.

These structures are very susceptible to become enlarged (which is medically called hypertrophy) due to some medical conditions like colds, allergies, and infections, or even become thicker as a natural aging process.

When a person has enlarged turbinate, he can experience an important reduction in the size of the nasal cavities, which produces difficulty to breathe through the nose, snoring, increased nasal secretion, impaired sense of smell, among other symptoms that can cause serious discomfort even while sleeping.

Conchoplasty is the surgical procedure performed to remove an enlarged nasal turbinate, or at least a portion of it, which improves the airflow through the nose by increasing the space inside it.

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Nasal turbinates are elongated, narrow, curled shell-like structures, located within the nasal cavity. There are 3 pairs of the turbinates: superior, middle, and inferior. The inferior turbinates are the largest. The main function of the nasal turbinates is to humidify, warm, and filter the inhaled air before it enters to the lungs.

The turbinates become enlarged due to a cold or an infection. Allergies or irritants (for example, tobacco smoke) can cause the enlargement of the turbinates as well. With age, the turbinates can also become thicker. Sometimes the enlargement of the turbinates is congenital.

The enlarged turbinates reduce the nasal cavities, and this can cause nasal obstruction resulting in difficulty to breathe through the nose, impaired sense of smell, snoring, and a runny nose.

In the presence of these symptoms, when conservative treatment is not effective, a surgical procedure known as conchoplasty is recommended.

How is a Conchoplasty procedure performed?

There are different techniques to perform a conchoplasty procedure, however, all of them can be performed through the nasal cavities and can also be simultaneous with other nose surgeries, like the nasal septum surgery or septoplasty.

The surgeon can use different techniques to reduce the nasal turbinate size, including radiofrequency or RF/laser/microdebrider. The RF technique consists of inserting a thermal probe in the nose and uses the radio-energy to destroy the excess of nasal turbinate tissue.

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By its part, the laser technique uses, as the name says, a directed laser beam as the source of energy to remove the excess of tissue in the nasal turbinate. And, finally, the microdebrider method consists in the use of a cylindrical instrument that carefully cuts the tissue with small blades that move back and forth.

All these techniques are very precise and secure, so only a qualified surgeon can determine the best option to treat each patient. The conchoplasty procedure usually takes about 30 minutes to be performed, and it is usually an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia.

To achieve a proper result and avoid severe complications, the patient must take care of certain things after the procedure, such as avoiding smoking and blowing his/her nose the first week, not doing physical exercises that may increase the blood pressure and cause bleeding and finally, performing nasal washings with salty water and using nasal drops to maintain the area lubricated.

How much does a Conchoplasty cost?

The cost of a conchoplasty will vary according to the urgency of the procedure, the degree of enlargement of the nasal turbinates, whether the problem is just in one side of the nose or both, etc.

What are the different tests which have to be performed before Conchoplasty?

Some of the different tests which have to be performed before Conchoplasty are:

  1. Full Blood Count
  2. APTT
  3. Blood type with Immune Antibodies

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