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Dietary management for bronchitis

  • Posted on- Dec 29, 2017
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Dietary Management for Bronchitis.

  • Avoid dairy products like milk, butter, cheese because these will increase mucus secretion in the respiratory system.
  • Avoid hot spicy and highly seasoned food.
  • Avoid cold food, cold drinks, ice, ice-creams and aerated drinks.
  • Drink luke warm water.
  • Boil a mixture of Bishops weed (Ajwain), tea leaves and water and inhale the steam, this acts as decongestant. Do this at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Gargle with warm water, a pinch of salt and turmeric to sooth your throat.
  • Have only fruits for 4-5 days later can have raw salads, vegetables and sweet fruits for next 5-6 days.
  • Have hot vegetable soups.
  • Have bland and boiled food.
  • Include turmeric, garlic, ginger and onions in your diet but avoid if you are on homeopathic medication.
  • Consume lots of vitamin C: foods of animal origin are poor in vitamin C.
  • Fresh citrus fruits, green vegetables.
  • Increase consumption of vitamin B:
  • Milk and milk products, eggs, shrimps, crabs and lobsters.
  • Lean meat especially pork, fish, dairy products, poultry, egg yolk, Liver, kidney, pancreas, yeast (Brewer's yeast).
  • Carrots, bananas, avocado, raspberries, artichoke, cauliflower, soy flour, barley, cereals pasta, whole grains, barn like unpolished rice and wheat germ, dried beans, peas and soybeans.
  • Green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grain.
  • Consume lots of vitamin A it maintains the integrity of the respiratory mucosa: Liver oils of fish like cod, shark, and halibut are richest source of vitamin A.
  • Animal sources: egg, milk and milk products, meat, fish, kidney and liver.
  • Yellow orange colored fruits and vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Have ginger powder or fresh ginger juice in honey before retiring to bed.
  • Every morning, drink boiled mixture of - ? cup water, little ginger, 2-3 leaves of sweet basil (tulsi) and mint leaves, or you can eat the raw leaves, this will boost up you immunity


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