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Red Meat Vs White Meat By Dietician and Nutritionist Geetanjali Mengi

  • Posted on- Nov 06, 2017
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There are lobbies which go to the extent of global warming to pursue a vegetarian diet but studies confirm, man is omnivorous by nature and meat is a great source of proteins and vitamins. The debate is what meat is really good for you Red Meat or White Meat. The primary difference between the two is its fat content.

Fat Content -

White meat is leaner meat with proteins and lesser fat content although red meat has more fat and also more iron, zinc and minerals. Although red meat contains more proteins and vitamins it is related to higher incidences of certain cancers.

B Vitamins - 
The iron in Red Meat is called Heme iron. It is more easily digestible by man then iron got from a vegetarian diet. Because of the absorbable iron in a plant source vegetarians have found to be with Vitamin B deficiency.

White meat considered healthier -
White meat is considered healthier than red meat in a diet and it all boils down to the constituents of the meat red meat is made of muscle fiber known as ‘ Slow Twitch “ which means it is used more for steady exercises like walking on the other hand white meat is made of muscle fiber known as ‘Fast Twitch ‘ , which gives us sharp bursts of energy . Red meat carries more oxygen has a higher level of myoglobin on the other hand white meat has lesser oxygen and lower levels of myoglobin.

Health Risks -
Red meat has higher levels of myoglobin which is related to a higher risk of certain kinds of cancer. White meat has lower levels of myoglobin so you could say better but it is good to have a balanced diet as both red meat and white meat have benefits and disadvantages.

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