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Prevention of Cancer: Tips to cut risk

  • Posted on- Jun 08, 2015
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Are you apprehensive about knowing what prevents cancer? Do you know someone who’s been diagnosed with it? Well then you might have heard or read debatable reports about cancer prevention. It happens a lot that a cancer prevention technique in one report might get contradicted in another. That creates confusion for the reader because the concept of cancer prevention is still evolving. But one thing that remains true is certain lifestyle choices can reduce your chances of developing cancer. So if you are eager to read about cancer prevention, breathe a sigh of relief that simple lifestyle changes can do a world of good. Embrace these tips into your daily routine:

1.      Tobacco or Smoking kills

Cigarette smoking or using tobacco in any form is the breeding ground for cancer. You are on the threshold of procuring lung, bladder, cervical, kidney or throat cancer if you are exposed to smoking. Chewing tobacco is linked to the cancer of pancreas and oral cavity. Secondhand smoke may also put you at risk of lung cancer. Stopping the consumption of tobacco can be one of the best health decisions. If you are dedicated to it, you can take help of your doctor.


2.      Watch what goes into your mouth

Making healthy food choices at the mealtime or at grocery store won’t guarantee cancer prevention it will positively reduce your risk. Just induce these habits:

  • A large portion of fruits and vegetables must make up your daily diet. Fruits and vegetables are prime supplier of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and all the necessary ingredients our body requires to prevent cancer. 

  • Eat light by selecting fewer foods with high-fat percentage. Animal food is one such example. High-fat diet increases the chances of obesity, which in turn increases the chances of cancer.

  • Don’t over-consume alcohol as drinking alcohol regularly is associated with breast, colon, kidney, lung and liver cancer. If you have alcohol cravings, doctors advise to drink it in moderation.


3.      Connection between physical activeness and healthy weight

Being overweight is the root cause of multiple cancers. So if you maintain a healthy weight, you are at minimum risk of breast, prostate, lung or colon cancer. Exercises help too. Individuals who participate in physical activities gain substantial benefits. A combination of moderate-to-vigorous activities can help your body reduce excess fat and maintain healthy weight.


4.      Sun rays are harmful

One of the most common types of cancer is of skin. But it can be prevented if you incorporate these tips:

  • Sun rays are strongest between 10 AM and 4 PM. So avoid going out.

  • If you need to be outdoors then wear sunglasses and a hat. Try to stay in the shade as much as you can.

  • Instead of bleached cotton or pastels, wear loose-fitting clothes that cover much of your skin.

  • Use sunscreen when going outdoors and reapply often.


5.      Immunization is important

Prevention of cancer involves protection against multiple viral infections. Your doctor can help you in the vaccination of:

  • Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is known to increase the risk of liver cancer. Vaccination for hepatitis B is recommended for sexually active individuals, illegal drug users, men who have sex with men, people who might be exposed to infected blood.

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV): HPV is a sexually transmitted virus linked to cervical and other forms of genital cancer. The vaccination for HPV is readily available for males and females.


6.      Get in touch with your oncologist

Regular medical check-ups and screening for various types of cancers can increase the chances of detecting cancer at an early stage when the treatment is most beneficial. Your doctor is the best available person to assist you.

Prevention of cancer is in our own hands and if you start today, the benefits will last forever. 


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