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World Spine Day

  • Posted on- Oct 16, 2017
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World Spine Day is celebrated on 16th of October each year. World Spine Day is a day to create awareness about the spine and how to effectively manage spine disorders.

Spinal disorders are amongst the leading causes of disability. When people cannot move or get around properly, it impacts on their quality of life, their ability to work and their relationships with those around them. In some countries, it can stop people being able to earn a living so that they can feed their families.

World Spine Day raises awareness of spinal disorders. This year, World Spine Day's goal is to inform, educate and inspire people to prevent pain and disability by engaging in physical activity - get Your Back in Action.

This year the theme of World Spine Day is 'Your Back in Action', emphasizing the importance of healthy spinal posture and activity which promotes body awareness and minimizes the day to day wear and tear on the spine.

World Spine Day is a great opportunity to shine light on spinal disorders and encourage people to take steps to better health. Improving your posture and exercising regularly can help improve and maintain spinal health.

Purpose of World Spine Day

  • World Spine Day aims to do the following:
  • To provide an opportunity where people can discuss about issues pertaining the spine, in particular spine disorders. Little information is in the hands of the masses which is very serious.
  • Create awareness among the public and interdisciplinary health care community about spine healthy and spine disorders. Such awareness will reduce the number of people who are risking their spines without their knowledge.
  • To come up with a way of easing the burden associated with spine disorders. Most a times, such people do not find the correct treatment for these conditions. They thus need some assistance to cope with the condition.

World Spine Day especially seeks to reach work places where there are many people suffering from spine related conditions and also educate the workers on how they can prevent themselves from such conditions.

Disorders such as neck pain and back pain are just but some of those conditions that restrict one from performing their work effectively and enjoying their life.

During World Spine Day, there are a number of things you need to know about spinal disorders including:

  • 80% of the people in the population will at one point in their lives suffer from spine neck pain or back pain.
  • In low and middle income levels countries, age is one of the leading causes of spine pain.
  • Back and neck pain symptoms are experienced by at least 50% of the working population. They are the two major reasons why people in work places seek leave.
  • According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, low back pain is the 6th most burdening disease.
  • At times, they may cause physical disabilities leading to loss of physical or economic independence.
  • They carry the fourth greatest impact on the health of the world population.
  • Musculoskeletal affects the bones and joints of a person and have been linked to traffic accidents.

What you can do on World Spine Day?

World Spine Day should be used as a platform to understand the importance of the spine and how you can prevent it from getting damaged. Getting to know the major risk factors of spine disorders is also important. For example, leading a sedentary life has been linked to back pain as it tends to make one adopt an unhealthy posture. Being active a little bit more can help in reducing the risk level. For those people who spend most of their time sitting with a computer or laptop, stretching at least very hour is highly recommended to curb the risk levels.

Message on World Spine Day

World Spine Day is all about sensitizing the masses on the importance of developing a healthy posture and introducing some more movement in their day today activities. Healthy providers and organizations have partnered to provide essential tips, tools and information about ways of preventing the spinal disorders. In the event that you are already affected, there will be information on how to go about living with the disorder if not reversing it completely.


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