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Beat the heat with cool summer drinks

  • Posted on- Jun 06, 2015
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As temperatures cross 45 degrees and death toll across India passes the 2,000 mark, heat wave in 2015 has been declared the second deadliest in India, according to the experts. While the weathermen predicting few more days of intense heat, it is becoming increasingly difficult to beat this scorching heat. Diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration are common health conditions seen in people in summers. Lack of appropriate fluids in the body may cause these conditions. Hence, when smouldering summer heat leaves you fatigued, lethargic, dehydrated and thirsty, quench your thirst with following summer drinks.

Aam panna is a very popular drink more so because mangoes are in season only a few months of the year. This refreshing drink is made using raw mangoes which are a rich source of vitamin C and also contain antioxidants which prevent us from several diseases. Additionally, the drink has a cooling effect on the body and prevents one from a heat stroke and dehydration. This makes it quite healthy and tasty too. The spices added further enhance the flavour. Aam panna is best enjoyed when it is chilled.

Chhaas or buttermilk is another digestive and soothing drink for the summer months. Usually consumed after meals, it is made with curd, water and spices like pepper, salt, ginger, jeera, etc. It is extremely good for summers because it fights dehydration. It also helps soothe your stomach after eating anything too spicy.

It is the cheapest summer drink and surely very effective in beating the summer heat. Apart from being a rich source of vitamin C, lemon also has vitamin B, riboflavin and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium. Just take some chilled water and squeeze a lemon in it and you have your lemonade. Many people even add sugar or salt to enhance the taste of this drink but keeping it simple will also do your body good.

This juicy fruit in itself is a summer treat but the juice is not bad either. If you do not like getting seeds in your mouth, you should consider making watermelon juice. It has a host of health benefits. Watermelon helps you lose weight as it contains 90% water. It also relieves post-workout muscle soreness and is good for your kidney, eyes and heart. Add some mint leaves and rock salt to lessen the sweet taste if you want.

Mango isn’t called the king of fruits without a reason. It has several health benefits such as increasing one’s immunity, controlling blood pressure, preventing anaemia and many more. When mixed with milk or curd, you can make it even more nutritious. Both make for a spectacular summer drink and are quite popular among children.

An appetising summer drink, jaljeera is quite popular in north India. It is has a sweet and spicy taste to it which makes it so tasty. It is a mixture of cumin seeds, tamarind, black pepper, mint and water. Nowadays, you can buy packaged jaljeera powder from the market and simply mix it with chilled water to make this drink.

Prevent a heatstroke by drinking sugarcane juice in the summer. It packs a punch of instant energy and also helps fight common stomach infections. Apart from this, sugarcane juice is rich in potassium, glucose, antioxidants, calcium and magnesium. It is also good for instant hydration. Make sure the water and ice added to it is hygienic and you have a wonderful summer drink.

Want to refuel your body? Have some coconut water. Extremely cooling and pure, coconut water is something which can be found on the streets of India. It has so many nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins, zero cholesterol and it also a diuretic. Coconut water helps you recover from diarrhoea, adds a glow in your skin and also reduces one’s risk of a kidney stone. The good thing is you can directly drink it from the coconut fruit.

While all these drinks are good, don’t underestimate the power of water. It is highly essential in the summer as you lose so much of it due to the heat, sweat, etc and loss of water can lead to severe dehydration. Make sure you drink ample amounts (8-10 glasses a day) to keep your body, mind and skin healthy. It gets rid of toxins from our body, maintains body temperature, and helps in digestion and other essential body functions.

Maintaining fluid levels in the body helps in strengthening immune system and fighting multiple diseases. These super-special summer drinks along with a balanced diet (free of fast food) are crucial when it comes to beating the scorching summer. Contact a general physician if you suffer from diarrhoea or dehydration.


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11-12-2016 03:56 AM

The drinks you have mentioned can be very beneficial in summers. It will prevent oneself to save from dehydration and provides energy to beat the heat.

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27-06-2015 06:02 AM

Summers can be very dangerous if there is too much hotness out there.

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