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Male Libido and Age – How to Boost Male Libido and Regain Youthful Vigor Naturally

  • Posted on- Aug 30, 2017
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A natural hormonal process as a man ages is the decline of male libido, also known as sex drive. Decline of male libido happens because the body's production of testosterone slows over time. There are some natural methods available which can help in improving male libido before turning to medications.

Decrease in male libido happens when they get older and simply do nothing but they can try and reverse impotence regardless of age because male libido can be boosted and improved with the help of enclosed proven herbs.

Many men enjoy sex in their late seventies and some men accept impotence at forty but it is proven that if you feed your body the right fuel, you can get your male libido back.

Here are some common causes of decline in male libido:

1.Poor Blood Circulation

Blood circulation starts to slow up as you get older and of course this is the foundation for sexual health. In simple, you need to pump blood into the sex organs for a better male libido.


Testosterone is the key male sex hormone and it declines with age and when it declines, male libido declines with it. Men generally notice a difference in their male libido around ages 60 to 65.

3.Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome is the uncontrollable urge to move their legs. A study found that men with Restless Legs Syndrome are at higher risk for developing erectile dysfunction than those without Restless Legs Syndrome. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man can't have or maintain an erection.


Depression changes all parts of a person's life. People with depression experience complete lack of interest in activities they once found pleasurable including sex. Low male libido is a side effect of some antidepressants. Consult with a doctor if a man is taking antidepressants and he has a low male libido.

Here are some herbs that can increase the value of male libido:

1.Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng

These both are the type of natural herb. These herbs will ensure a strong and continued blood flow to the pelvic region during sexual arousal and will keep the blood vessels healthy and free of obstructions. It pools near the penis, ready for nitric oxide to let it in.

Nitric oxide is the chemical which when realized, opens and widens the blood vessels that feed the penis to allow the extra blood in to form an erection. Nitric oxide declines with age but if you don't get enough, you will never get an erection. It is one of the commonest reasons for impotence and many men just need them to level up their male libido.

2.Cnidium Horny Goat Weed and L Arginine

The above combination of herbs will dramatically increase nitric oxide production and in a controlled test, 81% of men who took them for just 2 weeks achieved better erection and more sexual desires and increased level of male libido.

3.Mucuna Pruriens and Tribulus

These two herbs will boost testosterone levels, it will increase male libido and improve sexual stamina, to not only help you get better erections but last longer in bed too. Your body as it ages starts to have less energy, low amount of male libido and the impact of stress anxiety and a low mood, make you even less likely to want to focus on sex.

All the herbs above help in some way to reduce stress, anxiety, increase value of male libido and improve overall energy but for an extra energy boost take the following herbs.

4.Maca and Catuaba

These famous South American herbs are renowned for increasing energy, fighting stress and lifting mood which leads to increased sexual desire, male libido and better performance.

Get them ALL, increase your male libido and get regain your Youth!

The herbs above are found in all the best herbal sex pills and give you nutrients you are unlikely to get in your everyday diet and will help you increase sexual desire, male libido and improve performance naturally. Try them and you will be pleased you did.


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