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National Eye Donation Fortnight

  • Posted on- Aug 25, 2017
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National Eye Donation Fortnight

The National Eye Donation Fortnight is celebrated annually from 25th August to 8th September. National Eye Donation Fortnight is a campaign which targets to create heavy public awareness about the importance of eye donation and motivate people to donate their eyes after death. National Eye Donation Fortnight makes the people come with every idea to motivate the people to donate their eyes for those who are waiting for a eye transplant to see the world again or have lost their eyesight.

You don't have to be a doctor to save lives you can save lives too by donating organs.

According to some statistics, corneal diseases (damage to the tissue covering the front of eye called cornea) are among the major causes of vision loss and blindness, after cataract and glaucoma.

After the death of a person, various organs can be donated and can be surgically transplanted to the patients who need them. One such organ is the eye. In most of the cases, loss of sight can be corrected through "eye donation". By donating eyes after death, a corneal blind person can see again through a surgical procedure known as corneal transplantation, where the damaged cornea is replaced with a healthy cornea of the eye donor.

National Program for Control of Blindness is responsible for The National Eye Donation Fortnight, which is celebrated nationally. It is observed that about 20,000 new cases of the eye blindness are added every year. The majority of blind people are young and their sight can be restored through eye transplantation.

Who can Donate Eyes?

  • Anyone can donate eyes
  • Even if anyone has gone under eye surgery
  • Poor eyesight does not affect eye donation
  • Age is just a number

Reasons why people don't donate their eyes?

  • Insufficient facilities in the institutes and hospitals
  • Absence of motivation
  • Social and religious myths

Why should you donate eyes?

  • There is no substitute for human tissue of a damaged cornea
  • Religions favors eye donation
  • Use of artificial tissue for eye transplantation has been unsuccessful
  • Identities of both the donor and recipient are kept confidential
  • The transplantation process depends upon the priceless gift of eye donation

The government has started many of the Camps for the people who are suffering from Eye Blindness. It is very important for everyone to handle and manage every task with proper eyesight with them. There are many Eye Donation Camps which are organized by the Government to give everyone the chance to donate their Eyes for the needed ones.

A blind person becomes dependent on the other people to do their work. So Eyes are very important part of the Body and eyes should be well maintained by eating nutritional food and by reducing their exposure to UV rays as well as harmful radiation of laptop, TV and mobile devices. People now-a-days are used to doing work for more than their limit and they used to sleep for fewer hours. One should sleep for minimum 7 hours a day to keep their body to be well maintained and work as per the requirement in their work places. Proper sleep should be taken to relax their eyes.

The main objectives of this National Eye Donation Fortnight is to Aware the public about the need and importance of the eye donation, to distribute the merits of eye distribution all over the country and to say a grateful and heartily thanks to the donors of eyes. It is very important for people to first check their eyes which they want to transplant before transplanting it to the other person who needs it.


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