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lifestyle diseases and how it is caused?

  • Posted on- Aug 23, 2017
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It is a matter of pride for the older generation to talk about their better lifestyle, how better they lived and even how better they physically are, even in old age. Today's modern hi-tech life is all about comfort but at the same time it also accounts for the sheer rise in various lifestyle diseases due lack of physical activities. We are living under the stress of fast paced life and to earn a living . Many things have changed with the changing times, our thought, living style, dietary habits and work pattern also.

What are lifestyle diseases and how it is caused?

Lifestyle diseases are some of the problems that are an outcome of the way we normally lead our day to day lives. This concept is increasing every day that is more work and no play, basically makes a man prone of various diseases, couple of physical ailments as well as emotional issues. These sicknesses are produced as a result of:

List of Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases consist of the diseases that are common around the world today. Below is a list of some of the common lifestyle diseases:

How to Prevent

Prevention is remedies or activities that aim to reduce the likelihood of a disease affecting people.

The best thing about lifestyle diseases is that if we do something about them, it is possible to reverse the condition. A standout amongst the most essential things or better to state something to be thankful for this way of life is that whether you take care of the ailments, it is conceivable to switch a similar condition.

Here are some of the things you can do to prevent these diseases:

  1. Eat proper healthy diet
  2. Exercise everyday for 20 - 30 minutes
  3. Begin and complete your work at time
  4. Try to maintain distances from substances that are high in fats or sugar
  5. Make good habit of sleeping
  6. Sit and stand in right posture
  7. Avoid the use of more mobile phone and computers
  8. By giving up smoking and other drugs

While day by day our lifestyle becoming more and more convenient. There is nothing classy about the lifestyle diseases as the majority of people these days are suffering all over the world.

Those who have mental tension should use onion. The chemical present in onion removes tension. Rice, fish, beans and cereals contain vitamin 'B' which assists in warding off depression and mental disorders. Green leafy vegetables, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, mangoes, and banana keep tension away.

It has been found in studies that the effects of junk food eating mothers pass on to their daughters due to which the chances of breast cancer becomes high on.


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14-03-2018 01:53 PM

Lifestyle Diseases are very common these days. Obesity is one of these diseases which are getting common day by day. I am too suffering from Obesity.

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14-03-2018 01:50 PM

I am suffering from diabetes and want to get my treatment done. Please Help.

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