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Sex During Periods

  • Posted on- Aug 11, 2017
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There are few subjects in the world of sex that make even the most jaded men and women wince, and one of these subjects happens to be a period sex. Sex during periods is messy, might smell strange, and also can give squeamish guys the heebie-jeebies. Yet, there are some perks that really need to be talked about when it comes to this controversial sex topic.

Messy period sex can actually be a very steamy taboo way to enjoy a night together. The taboo factor can be a turn on for both men and women. Period sex doesn't always have an end result that resembles a night. Most of the time, a woman's flow isn't actually that heavy, and most of the mess can be caught with a towel. If a woman is into regular period sex, it's best to reserve a towel for this purpose. Any other messes can be easily removed with hydrogen peroxide. Periods are very embarrassing to women, even though it's a natural occurrence. The majority of men and women don't mind if the girl is on her periods during sex. This is a statistical fact. If you haven't tried period sex, it's time to give it a shot. It's intimate, and it's fun. However, messy period sex can put a damper on things if you don't know how to go about it the right way. Here are some tips and advice that you should know before getting your red wings.

Tips for sex during periods

  • The best rule for having sex during periods is that you don't have to jump in and go crazy on the first day of your period. It will be messier and for some a little sensitive, so wait a day or two before giving it a go.
  • If you feel self conscious about any odour, use a strongly flavored condom to help mask any smell. However, having a shower beforehand is the best way to prevent any odour.
  • Always discuss with your partner what you are both comfortable with beforehand. If sex during periods for you doesn't include cunnilingus then there are plenty of other ways to stimulate you. Keep in mind that although oral sex during menstruation can be even more of a taboo than just intercourse, many couples do actually participate in it. So aside from a possible metallic taste, having cunnilingus while you are menstruating is nothing to afraid of and can be done safely between two committed partners.
  • It goes without saying that having sex on your period is always best when you are totally clean. Have a shower beforehand and if you're still not completely confident due to the 'ick' factor, stick to the positions that will create less mess. Missionary is a good way to start out with a dark towel underneath you to spare your sheets. Have a shower together afterwards.
  • Sex on your period is always an excellent excuse for shower sex. Get hot and steamy together in the shower without worrying about your natural lubrication washing away. Your period makes you naturally more wet allowing for slippery sensuous shower sex.
  • If sex during periods seems too messy a woman can use a sponge to avoid messy period sex that is inserted up in to the vagina to absorb menstrual flow. If inserted high enough, it can stop the flow of blood during sex and should also be undetectable to your partner. The advantages are obvious, but retrieving it with your fingers can be a tricky task.
  • The worst thing that a guy can do to a girl when it comes to consensual sex is to make her feel like she's gross. This includes period sex. Many women really understand if you turn them down politely while they are bleeding, however, a rude remark will definitely insult and upset even some of the most patient women. For a lot of couples, the key to enjoy period sex is ignoring the fact that one of you has her period. There really isn't much more to it than that.


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14-03-2018 11:24 AM

My ex and I had sex while i was on my period. He pulled out and along came a streak of blood. We together had a good laugh.

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14-03-2018 11:19 AM

I had sex when i was on my periods. The experience was very good and we had the best lubricated sex ever!

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