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How to turn on a women

  • Posted on- Aug 09, 2017
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A woman needs nurturing, just like a delicate plant. She uses more adhesive on her traditions, beliefs, feelings, capabilities and expectations. She needs to be turned on as a whole. Besides she's made to be instinctive and judgmental, so go slow on her. If you fancy a particular woman and can't wait to take her to bed, you should know that patience is a virtue. Meet her for coffee, carry some flowers and make her feel special. Somehow, it's always the little thoughtful things that finally make the biggest differences.

Tips to turn on a woman

There are various tips to turn on a woman which are as follows:

The talk: The first step in knowing how to turn a woman on is to grab her attention. This is achieved by approaching her and striking a conversation with her. The conversation makes the two of you get to know each other and let her know that you are interested in her. Do not show her that all you want is to take her to bed, but show her that you also care for her. Try as much as you can to make her relaxed and have fun.

The voice: Listen my friend, to be able to know how to turn a woman on your voice is one important tool that you cannot ignore. There is a big difference between a normal voice, a sensual voice and a sexual voice. When talking to her, you need to bring out your ideas, emotions and feelings in a sensual way. You should know how to vary the tone and pitch of your voice to bring out the effect you want on her.

The touch: Proper touching is ideal in your quest to know how to turn a woman on. Different women love being touched in a way which is not similar to all of them. Touching comes in form of cuddling, caressing, stroking, massaging and other forms. You need to create a proper atmosphere where you are only the two of you before you start touching her. As you touch her, take note of the areas on her body that she loves getting touched. This will narrow down where to touch so that you move faster.

To know how to turn a woman on using your touch, you have to know how best to touch her. Do not use your whole hand in a rough way, but run your fingertips lightly across her skin while whispering sweet words in her ear. Just a caution, you have to get used to her before you start touching her in a sexual manner. Before then, you need to touch her in a "non-sexual" manner.

The kiss: Women love to be kissed on various parts of the body. Knowing different techniques will contribute to you knowing best how to turn a woman on. The way you kiss her and the intensity of the kiss will determine how you proceed. Kiss her gently and in a teasing manner. As you kiss her, ensure you are touching her so that you stimulate her in different ways to produce a heightened effect. You can start off by kissing her lips then moving down to her erogenous zones like the nipples, breasts, earlobes, abdomen and inner thighs.

The setting: A woman appreciates both visual and audio stimulation. If you need to know how to turn a woman on fast, create an environment that will stimulate her senses. Arrange your room to bring out an aura of romance. With appropriate lighting, music and flowers, her senses will be aroused and she will be turned on. It will be a plus for you if you can play the music she loves most. When you find that she is running crazy from what you are doing, then you have known how to turn a woman on successfully.


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