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How to turn on a man

  • Posted on- Aug 04, 2017
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In the issue of how to turn a man on, it seems that there is no exact manual on it. Since men are naturally different in character. They may like simple girls, flirty girls, tall girls or sexy girls. However, there is one big fact with them which no one can deny that they have one specific standard when it comes to being turned on by women. The best way to learn how to turn a man on is to ask a man what turns him on because a guy knows better than any woman the things that flick his switch.

Tips to turn on your man

There are various tips which can result in turning on a woman, which are as follows:

Dress sexy: Nothing is more off-putting than a woman walking around the house in her jog suit and trainers. Make an effort and wear a nice dress or tight jeans and a top that shows some cleavage.

Dress sexy at night: Another turn off is when a woman wears pajamas in bed. Again it's about making an effort why not slip on a little nightie or even better shock him by being naked in bed.

Talk dirty: If you have never done this before then the results will even better because of the shock factor. Dirty talk can be used during sex to heighten his pleasure or better still before to really turn him on. You don't have to be vulgar, just a simple "I can't wait to feel you inside me tonight" will drive him wild with anticipation.

Rude pictures: Take a picture of your breasts and send it via a text message while he is at work, with a little attachment saying "do you want these?" He will be thinking about you all day and won't be able to keep his hands off you when he gets home.

Invite him upstairs: This tip to turn a man is really good. This can lead to the most passionate sex ever.

Show a bit of flesh: Let your skirt ride up your leg a little bit by "accident" and he won't be able to take his eyes off your legs.

Bend over: This will really turn your man on. Imagine if he is sitting down watching TV and you walk past him and drop your keys, then bend over in front of him to pick them up. He will get an instant erection and want you there and then.

Buy some nice underwear: Next time you are out shopping together let him choose some sexy underwear for you, he will beg you to put it on when you get home but don't. Instead, wait until he goes downstairs then nip up and put it on then text him to tell that you are waiting for him on the bed.

Foreplay: This is a great way to turn a man on and if done properly leads to amazing sex. All you have to do is kiss and caress him the way you would want him to kiss and caress you. This will get him very excited for what is coming next.

The best way of all to turn a man on is to give him the promise of fellatio. As long as he knows that you will stick to your word then this will get him going more than anything else. Just before he leaves for work in the morning say to him "I'm going to suck you when you get home." He will instantly be hard and he will stay that way all day.


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