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Unknown Breastfeeding facts

  • Posted on- Aug 04, 2017
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Breast milk is sold on the online websites for approximately 250 times the price of oil.

Breastfeeding is the feeding of babies and young with milk from a women's breast. It is a natural means by which a baby receives nourishment. Breast feeding can begin immediately after birth. Sometimes, all it takes is for the mother and baby to develop a flow. There are different techniques to ensure better milk flow. The baby is given to the mother and feeding starts soon as the baby shows interest. So go ahead and breastfeed your baby to health.

Breast Milk is the complete diet

Breast milk is the complete food for infants. It consists of all the nutrients and nourishment an infant needs at this crucial stage of growth. The new born babies needed it the most as it provides the necessary nutrition to the new born resulting in improved cognitive development and lowers the value of obesity in the adult stage.

Who needs the Gym

It takes a lot of energy to maintain a supply of milk. Regular breast feeding burns about 500 calories per day. When mother exercises, their body releases lactic acid which latterly is found in the breast milk. Too much exercise is bad as it makes the milk sour due to which babies don't want to feed.

Stay Composed

The best breastfeeding advice is to stay relaxed and well composed. The mother and the child both are in learning process and needs time to build a flow. As it relates to breastfeeding, the effects of stress can reduce the ability to produce enough milk for the baby.

What You Eat

Mother's diet is very important as the baby too depends on the mother. However, lowering the intake of some food will probably help the baby and the phenomena of breastfeeding. Babies are more likely to try and enjoy new flavors of the food if the mom's been eating while feeding.

Right Position

The right position to breastfeed needs experience, practice and calmness. Proper positioning and the ways to do it are necessary to prevent nipple soreness and allow the baby to obtain enough milk. Babies can strongly latch on the breast from different positions.

Law facts

There are approx 50 states which promotes breastfeeding in public that provides the right to breastfeed in public or private place. There are some laws that protect breastfeeding mothers. It is not possible to stay home all the time and you should feel proud to feed your baby when you are out.


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