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  • Posted on- Jul 28, 2017
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HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria have been the cause of highest number of deaths is what we know so far. But with changing world, the leading cause of death has also changed to Viral Hepatitis which is accounting to 1.34 million deaths per year worldwide. Not just Viral Hepatitis, hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C is also a cause of 80% of liver cancer in the world.

Just like old days epidemic situation, viral hepatitis has become a global epidemic affecting millions of people regardless of geographical location. Viral hepatitis is another silent killer like hypertension and diabetes. People come to know much later about the disease.

It is estimated that almost 90% of people suffering from Hepatitis B and 80% of people suffering from Hepatitis C are not aware of their disease. These stats are throwing clear indications on the possibility of having a fatal liver disease after a while in their lives and this is obvious that untreated hepatitis patient will suffer chronic results at a later date. Hepatitis can infect others around the patient and the disease can be transmitted unknowingly to other ones.

Hepatitis is very much curable and one can take preventive measures like effective hepatitis vaccines which are available. Treatment of hepatitis B and Hepatitis is possible if awareness is there to get it diagnosed and treated. Many awareness programs are being organized by government and health organisations worldwide so that a clear understanding of the hepatitis disease and its causes, symptoms and treatment is there to everybody.

All these hepatitis awareness programs have become a point of attention for not just health organisations but also a global awareness subject because if it is not given enough attention the death rate will continue to rise and epidemic will not be controlled leading poor life expectancy.

So lets come together on World Hepatitis day to join hands and spread awareness for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C amongst the public and help the world achieve a hepatitis world soon.


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