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Stress, Anxiety and Tension

  • Posted on- Jul 12, 2017
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What is Stress, Anxiety and Tension?

Ok! So you want me to define them and explain to you what stress, anxiety and tension are.Are these things same or different.  But let us play a simple game first.  I assume that you are sitting and reading it. Now inhale, exhale 5 times and tell yourself RELAX. Feeling better right!

Now, imagine that you have been granted three wishes. How will you use them? What will you ask- for fame, power…. Or money….or beautiful face or a girlfriend/boyfriend….Or are you going to ask for a good health, a relaxed body and calm mind!

Funny…when we are relaxed we wish to have money or fame and when we are extremely stressed we want to relax.

Coming back to our question – what is stress! It is a physical state or psychological? What is anxiety! It is an illness or does it result in illness? What is tension! It is an emotion or by the product by our emotions?

Stress is a many- faceted process that occurs in reaction to events or situations in our environment termed stressors.

An interesting feature of stress is the wide range of physical and psychological reactions that different people have to a same event some may interpret an event as stressful, whereas others simple take it in stride. Moreover, a particular person may react quite differently to the same stressor at different point in time.

Stress is not always bad or negative. Stress may result in positive, motivating actions.Such forms of stresses which helps us to improve our performance or productivity is known as Enstress. Some amount of stresses are required in our life to motivate us to perform, else we would love to be just couch-potatoes only.

      Also, every stress is not stemming from negative events in our lives, positive events such as getting married, or going abroad for studies or receiving unexpected job promotion can also produce stress.

So, how can we realize that we are experiencing stress? Some common physical reactions to stress are :- (Distress)

-        Blood pressure may soar.

-        Pulse races.

-        Sweating

-        Fightor Flight syndrome

-        Feelingexhausted

-        Uneasy

-        Confused

Usually these responses are brief and we soon return to normal levels. When we are exposed to chronic sources of stress for long duration we make experience physical and mental tension and may start getting attacks of anxiety and panic.

Good news is, we can enhance our coping skills to manage the life stresses effectively and positively to live a fulfilling life.

How!!! – stay connected to us for more informative blogs. Till then

Happy living.

G.K –stressors :- Events or situation in our environment that cause stress.

General Adaption Syndrome(GAS) :- A three phase model of how organisms respond to stress –

-        Alarm or mobilization.

-        Resistance

-        Exhaustion 

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is not any randomor unknown or uncontrollable disease or illness that can be developed,inherited or contracted. It’s a resultant of a certain style of behavior.

It can be defined as a physiological, psychological and emotional state in which we behave in an apprehensive manner, such as being worried, fretful or concerned.

In our day to day life we experience some degree of anxiety, and most of people had one or more no of panic attacks in their lifetime. Its not bad till the time it’s not repetitive and can  be handled by us. In short till the time anxiety doesn’t handicaps us its fine.

For example, Webster’s dictionary defines anxiety as:

  • A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties.
  • A state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation, often impairing physical and psychological functioning.

Worry is an example of apprehensive behavior.

Apple’s dictionary defines worry as:

  • Allowing one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles

Worry can be defined as expecting the worst case of a future situation. In other words, expecting that a future situation or circumstance has a potential to cause harm to you, or someone or something you care about.

Anxiety is nothing to be scared of.Its a normal human response of believing that something unfaithful can happen.  In fact it’s a vital human body mechanism to survive.

The problem occurs when a person turns out to be an excessively anxious figure, then he or she starts perceiving more unfaithful happenings or higher degrees of harm as compared to those who are not as anxious, and then anxiety take a toll on our lives. Keep visiting this blog to know more about anxiety, its causes and cure.

What is Tension?

Tension can be defined as extreme strain or pressure on the brain. Stress and psychological tension are similar but in tension there are additional symptoms like feeling of tightness, overwhelming anxiety,joint pain,uncertainty, possible feeling of depression, traumatic experiences. Chronic tension can leads to poor immune system and a number of chronic diseases.

Tension can have different characterization e.g a person can be so overwhelmed at work that he or she might feel tension. In other case differences and distances or hostility in a relationship is tension for someone. It is more commonly referred as a state when all your muscles tense up, and that neither your body nor your mind can relax. This happens when we pressure our minds too much, overwhelming it simultaneously causing our body to get exhausted.
To more about Tension please keep subscribing to the blog and enlighten yourself.


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