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National Doctor’s Day

  • Posted on- Jul 01, 2017
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Doctor's day is celebrated differently in different parts of the world. In India it is celebrated on 1st July, to remember Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was born on 1st July in 1882 and died on the same date in 1962, aged 80 years. The day is celebrated to recognize the contribution of physician in the life of every people. The day is celebrated as a remembrance and to honour eminent physician and 2nd chief minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was honoured with bharat ratna on 4th February, 1961. Physicians help us stay healthy and disease free in our day to day life and Doctor's day is the recognition for them.

National Doctors day in India is a big awareness campaign offering great opportunities to all to get aware about the roles, importance and responsibilities of the doctors as well as promote medical professionals to come closer and follow the responsibilities of their profession very dedicatedly. It is a great observance in India which helps in fulfilling the actual need of doctors and physicians in the lives of everyone as well as their significant roles and responsibilities. The annual celebration of this awareness campaign helps common public to get aware about the roles, importance and the precious care of the doctors.

Sometimes common and poor people get stuck in the wrong hand of irresponsible and unprofessional doctors which becomes the reason of public violence and protests against those doctors. This awareness campaign is the great way of attracting all the doctors and physicians at one place to bring them at one track of responsibility towards the life saving medical profession. Annual celebration of the doctor's day has been proved as a way of encouragement and big eye opener for all the physicians and doctors of the India to wake up from their failing career due to the lack of commitment towards their profession.

National doctors day celebration has been marked as the day of respect for entire professional doctors who have made their great efforts in saving the life of patients. Doctors day means a whole day which has been dedicated to the medical profession especially for doctors and physicians to commemorate their efforts and roles. It is a day to say them vote of thanks for their love, affection and priceless care of their patients.

Lets this Doctor's day come and join hands to make this medical profession more adorable and respectful to patients and to make a promise by doctor's to save and safeguard a patient's health till there is last drop of hope.


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