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Swap Liver Transplantation

  • Posted on- Jun 21, 2017
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Swap Liver Transplantation

Swap liver transplantation is a transplant process to match the blood group incompatible donor and recipient couples with the couples having the same problems.

For a long time the liver transplantation is performed through the deceased organs that are donated by the families or from the relatives of the recipients that donate the part of their liver.

The success rate of liver transplantation has increased rapidly in recent years with the development of new drugs and surgical technique. Also the survival rate and the quality of life have increased.

The acceptance of Swap liver transplantation is initiated with the kidney transplantation and later on started to be implemented for the liver transplants, with this Swap liver transplantation method you can save the life of many people.

Hence swap transplant is generally possible in 2 situations - if the recipient blood group is A and donor's is B, or if the recipient blood group is B and donor's is A.

In Swap liver transplantation, there is a process for organ sharing between two unrelated donor-recipient pairs.

After performing all blood tests of the pairs, the weight and anatomy of their liver is examined. The pairs found appropriate are met under the supervision of our liver transplantation coordinators.

In Swap liver transplantation, the surgeries of the donor and recipient are started at the same time and the livers are simultaneously removed to perform the transplantation procedure.

Swap liver transplantation is performed at a time when no donor is available whose blood group matches with that of the patient. Swap liver transplant has become quite popular these days in India. The cost of swap liver transplantation in India is varying between Rs. 10 to 15 Lakhs.

Who can donate liver?

Swap liver transplantation is a surgery in which a liver is donated by a human being with different blood groups for liver transplant. There are some frequently asked questions regarding swap liver transplantation.

Q. Liver can be donated by whom?
A. An Individual who wants to donate the piece of their liver whose blood type is not compatible, goes to the organ transplant center and prepare for Swap liver transplantation.

Q. Liver can be donated with a motive of?
A. The person who is donating liver for swap liver transplantation must donate of his/her own free will without financial motivation.

Q. What is the eligible age to donate liver?
A. The age which is eligible to donate liver for swap liver transplantation is 18 - 55 years.

Tests during pre-liver transplantation

There are various tests which are prescribed by doctors to surgeon during pre-liver transplantation. Tests which are prescribed by doctors are as follows:

Laboratory Tests
Laboratory tests are prescribed by doctors to assess the health of your organs, including your liver which includes blood tests, urine tests.

Imaging tests
Imaging tests are prescribed by doctors which are Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI of the liver and other abdominal organs.

Heart tests
Heart tests are prescribed by doctors to determine the health of your cardiovascular system.

Cancer Screening
A routine cancer screening is a general health exam to evaluate overall health of a donor.

Psychological Evaluation
Psychological evaluation is prescribed by doctors to determine whether you fully understand the risks of a Liver Transplant.

Addiction counseling
Addiction counseling is prescribed to help people with alcohol, drug or tobacco addictions to quit.

Precautions taken post-liver transplant surgery

There are some precautions which are to be taken by the donor as well as recipient. Precautions which are to be taken by the donor and recipient are as follows:

•    The donor must stay under observation post-liver transplant surgery in hospital for 2-3 weeks.
•    At home, 2-3 weeks of recuperation for donor is needed after discharging from hospital.
•    A donor can resume his/her normal activity 6-8 weeks post-liver transplant surgery.
•    Sexual activity can be resumed when the doctor gives an affirmative nod for it or when the donor feels well enough post-liver transplant surgery.
•    Heavy physical exercise, sports including lifting weights can be resumed 3 months post-liver transplant surgery.


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15-03-2018 12:40 PM

Nice information shared. My knowledge increased about Liver Transplant procedures.

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15-03-2018 12:35 PM

In this procedure, part of two livers had to be taken out of two donors, and put into two other recipients, nearly simultaneously. This process is a huge benefit to patients.

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