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Ilizarov Technique

  • Posted on- Apr 07, 2017
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Ilizarov Method is a low invasive technique. It means that all manipulations are done through small incisions (1-1.5 cm) and all soft and bone tissues are damaged as little as possible. After operation the limb is fixed with an external device (Ilizarov apparatus), which is removed after the end of treatment. No metal remains inside the body and that is the great difference versus internal fixation. Complications are very rare, and if they happen they are temporary and do not influence the final result of treatment because the doctor can control the postoperative care and make corrections during the whole treatment without additional operation, which is impossible with conservative or internal techniques. Our patients start walking on the next day after the operation. They do not keep to bed, they are active during the whole treatment. Experienced instructors of the physical exercise therapy department supervise them during exercising (tour around the Center, exercise therapy).

Que 1: What method do you use for height increase?

Height increase is carried out with the Ilizarov apparatus for external fixation. This method was developed in Kurgan, Russia. It is a universally recognized optimal method for height increase because it is low invasive, it allows control of the lengthening process and prevention of complications. The surgeons of the Ilizarov Center have a unique many-years' experience (started in 1990) in performing limb lengthening procedures in over 5000 patients.

Que 2: How long does a 1 cm lengthening take and how is it done?

Lengthening is done in one stage: tibias are lengthened in single go . Frames are removed only after full consolidation of lengthened  bone.

For  1 cm = 10 days for lengthening & 30  days  for  consolidation (Solidification ) = total 40 days. If 2 cm = 80 days , 3 cm = 120 days, 4 cms = 160  days 

Que 3: When do patients start walking?

Patients start walking with crutches on the next day after the operation.

Que 4: How reliable is the method?

The treatment result depends on the experience of a doctor. The doctors have many-years' experience with the Ilizarov method, will end this up with positive result.

Que 5: Do scars remain after the treatment?

The Ilizarov method is a low invasive method. After treatment there are small skin scars (1-1.5cm) that can be easily removed by a plastic surgeon if a patient wishes to do it.

Que 6: What are possible complications?

Any surgery is a certain risk. The possible complications are: wire-track infection, limited range of motions in the knees. These complications are temporary and do not influence the final result of treatment if patient follows doctors guidelines  honestly.

Que 7: Is applying of Ilizarov method painful?

There is moderate pain during the lengthening (distraction) period, but patients can tolerate it rather well. Sometimes painkillers may be needed.

Que 8: Are there any contraindications for the treatment?

The contraindications are: alcoholism, narcotic addiction, mental diseases, venereal diseases, some infection, hematological and skin diseases.

Muscles and joints functions return back to the normal level completely after the end of rehabilitation period. The usual bone tissue is formed and able to stand all static and dynamic stress. After height increase you will restore your physical condition and will be able to go in for sports (even professional) without any restrictions.

Que 9: Can the shape of legs be corrected at the same time with lengthening?

Certainly, you can lengthen legs and correct their shape simultaneously. 

Que 10: Are there any investigations regarding human body proportions? Won't leg lengthening break the body proportions?

There is quite a lot of research on human body proportions. There are more than 1000 methods available to estimate proportions. Nevertheless, the experience of our doctors is the most valuable in planning height correction. It is based on individual approach to each patient.


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04-12-2017 06:24 PM

I was having a very small height and people were making fun of me. Then, I choose to have Ilizarov Method to increase my height. Now, my height has been increased.

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09-05-2017 05:05 PM

This treatment is still unknown for many. Efforts should be made to motivate the public for having this surgery done.

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