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  • Posted on- Apr 07, 2017
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With the fast growing pace of life, people usually become careless about their health. Backache is one of the most common results of such carelessness. Backache is very common in housewife, sedentary workers, affecting both the old and the young.

One doesn't realize that if while setting, standing, and walking or driving a proper posture is not maintained how much damage can be caused to the spine. And also the pot belly which results from lack of exercise, alcohol and unhealthy life style is the main cause of backache.

Backache can be caused from a 'slip disc' or `spondylitis'. Most people are unaware that, these conditions not only affect the back. The spine is like a pillar of our body, the nerves coming out of the spinal go all over the body to supply other parts so, if the spine is affected then the parts the affected nerve supplies will get affected as well.

What is the spine made of ?

The spine is made up of 33 different bones called the vertebrae. Between 24 of these vertebrae are present a soft cushion like structures called the disc.
Disc is often described as shock absorbers, allowing load to be transmitted from one vertebra to the next.
The outer part of the disc is made of a strong yet flexible fibrous tissue, inside which is contained a jelly like substance.


Improper movement or improper posture or during an injury overloading or improper load distribution to the disc causes a breakdown in the outer covering of the disc loading to the leakage of the inner jelly like substance. This condition is called slip disc or in medical terms 'prolapsed' or 'herniated' disc.
The prolapsed inner material then starts putting pressure ones the surrounding nerves which produce pain. This pain other parts, travel to supply by affected nerves.


A disc prolapse at lumbar level of spine leads to the compression of the sciatic nerve. This nerve goes through the buttocks and the thigh to the knee joint. And once it gets swollen, the patient feels severe pain from back to knee. Sciatica can also result from arthritis, spondylitis, severe osteoporosis, cancer or tumor in spinal canal.

Signs and Symptoms
As the condition becomes worse, sever pain develops over the back, buttocks, thigh and legs, even when the patient sneezes or coughs. In many cases, prolapsed disc which gets accumulated over the disc, put pressure over the surrounding nerves causing pain. The patient in order to compensate this pain unknowingly bends forward.
Knee Slip disc occurs in the lower back, then the pain travels to the thigh, calf, and ankle. Along with this pain numbness may also be present in the foot or toes.
If disc hernation occurs in cervical region (neck) then, the pain travels through the back to one or both the lower limbs (legs). And numbness and weakness may also get precipitated:"


The term literally means inflammation of the spine. Inflammation results in changes in. the vertebral joint that lead to bony out growth called the bony spurs.
These bony spurs press on the nerves which causes pain, numbness all through the course of nerve.
If spondylitis occurs at the neck region it is called cervical spondylitis. Patients with cervical spondylitis feel heaviness over the head and neck. Numbness in the fingers hands or over the arms. Pain and tightness over the upper back. Neck movements are restricted and in severe cases nausea, vomiting and fainting may also occur.
Spondylitts can be treated with physiotherapy. Cervical collar and lumbar belt advise,ed to the patients with pain in cervical or lower back, act as supporting aids.


We have observed that about 98% patients with back ache (who were advised surgery as the only cure) have been treated successfully with physiotherapy.

We have been treating patients with backache for last 20 yrs and have come up with a unique program which has treated severe cases of slip disc successfully, who were advised surgery. People who had become bed ridden have walked within a week.

All this is made possible with a treatment which is planned after extensive investigations.

The treatment involves a minimum of 10 days regime. The patient is injected with 3 shots of an injection which is carefully designed using a mixture of drugs. The injected drugs, help the disc to soften and get shrinked thus, relieving the pressure over the nerves and thereby relieving the symptoms. This provides immediate relief and the patient starts walking (moving).

After the first shot, the patient is kept on traction along with physiotherapy which involves special manipulative techniques that help to remove the conditions which add to the problem the patient like obesity, muscle tightness etc.

We also counsel regarding life style modifications, back care and dietary advises thus, ensuring overall health and eliminating the need for the condition re-develop.

This takes minimum of 10 days. The other two shots are given at three weeks interval.


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01-03-2018 11:59 PM

I was diagnosed with 2 slipped discs about 5 years ago. I hurt my back. I had my treatment done and now I am fine.

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22-08-2017 02:54 PM

I was suffering from backache for a very long time. I had my treatment done from a physiotherapist and the results are fine. Now, I am not having such type of pain.

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