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Stress and Cancer

  • Posted on- May 06, 2015
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Stress has become an inescapable part of today’s fast paced life. Various scientists around the world have been trying to discover the mystery of cancer, but they have not succeeded as yet in finding out what causes cancer. Multiple studies have been conducted before and are conducted today just in case the reports throw some light on the relation between stress and cancer. Many studies have shown that excessive stress can increase the risk of cancer, just like in the case of heart attack, infertility, obesity, high blood pressure, etc.

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How stress is responsible for cancer
Teenagers encounter stress during exams or due to rift between parents. Job stress has become prevalent as the corporate sectors have advanced. Our body fights against stress in its own ways. Different parts of our body release multiple hormones like adrenalin, endorphins, cortisol, noradrenalin, dopamine into the bloodstream when you are under stress.

Weak Immune System
Cancer is referred to as unstoppable production of abnormal cells in the body. These cells slowly and sometimes quickly spread to other body parts leading to death of the patient. The specific cause of cancer is unknown yet. Some environmental and genetic reasons may be behind the risk of having cancer. Developing regular sickness is a symptom of a weak immune system. If you have a strong immune system, you can avoid abnormal cell growth just as you can stop the development of bacteria and viruses. Stress hinders with the functionality of body systems such as endocrine, immune, digestive, in fact every system. If there is an existing disease, stress makes it worse. Understandably, chances of procuring are higher if you have a weak immune system. Some cancers are caused by viruses and they can be prevented by strengthening the immune system.

Detrimental effects of stress
Stress leads to behavioral, physiological and psychological changes such as insomnia, frequent headache, loss of appetite, upset stomach, high blood pressure, floating blood glucose levels, depression, anxiety, restlessness, loss of concentration. Overly stressed people have the habit of feeling insecure. They think they will have to lead life under uncomfortable circumstances forever. The right thing to do is change the attitude. But sadly, they turn to alcohol, illicit drugs, smoke which increase their risk of developing cancer.

How to manage stress?
Some stress causing factors are inevitable such as financial problems, exposure to abusive relationships, loss of a loved one, loss of a job and so on. Those who feel over stressed might take help of a doctor who can prescribe some stress relievers. Adequate sleep, positive attitude, changes in lifestyle, regular exercise can help avoid stress. Stress management and relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation have proven to work wonders for stressful people.

What studies have to say?
It is difficult at this stage to answer whether stress causes cancer or not. Currently, there is no evidence that leads to the result of stress causing cancer. But studies are going on and sooner rather than later, the verdict will come out.

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30-08-2017 05:00 PM

To lower down stress, one should opt for meditation and yoga. This will help in relaxing the mind and lowering down stress.

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18-01-2016 09:24 PM

Stress has become an essential part of everybody's life during these days. It should be lower down as much as possible by ensuring yoga and exercise.

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