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Brow Lift Surgery: Cost, Candidates, Procedure, Recovery and Risks

  • Posted on- Mar 08, 2017
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Brow lift is a cosmetic cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at improving frown lines, reducing wrinkle lines and sagging eyebrows giving them an aesthetic look. A brow lift is also known as forehead lift. This cosmetic surgery procedure reduces the wrinkle lines that occur horizontally across the forehead and between the eyes and bridge of the nose. A brow lift procedure may be performed along with face lifting, skin resurfacing and eyelid surgery. International pop star Kylie Minouge and famous Hollywood actors Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet have also undergone brow lift surgery.

Brow lift Cost

The average cost of a Brow lift surgery in India is around Rs.3 lakhs. Brow lift surgery cost includes surgeon’s fee, medical tests, anaesthesia, prescriptions for medications, and hospital facilities charge.

However, above-mentioned cost may vary based on the type of hospital, the cosmetic surgeon’s experience and type of procedure.

Most medical insurance companies do not cover Brow lift surgery or its complications, but many cosmetic surgeons offer patient-friendly plans.

Brow lift candidates

Suitable Candidates for a Brow lift surgery are:

  • Healthy individuals without any serious medical condition
  • Nonsmokers
  • People with realistic goals and expectations

Preparing for Brow lift

The cosmetic surgeon will provide detailed instructions to patients, which are to be strictly followed before undergoing brow lift surgery procedure. The patient is asked to:

Brow lift procedure

To avoid any discomfort during a brow lift procedure, the patient is given general anaesthesia. The cosmetic surgeon may go for intravenous sedation instead of anaesthesia, depending on blood test reports. There are two ways to perform a brow lift procedure: coronal or endoscopic.

Coronal Incision is used in people with big foreheads. A small incision is made around the forehead hairline. Coronal Incision helps in lifting the eyebrow without altering the height of the front hairline. The coronal incision is created from ear to ear within the hair-bearing skin.

In endoscopic method, a small endoscope is placed through the small incisions made within the hairline this allows the tissue and muscle under the skin to be adjusted.

After the repositioning of eyebrows, incisions are closed with sutures or a surgical tape.

Brow lift surgery results and recovery

The outcome of brow lift surgery is visible almost immediately after the surgery and after a few days, swelling will be reduced and incisions will fade. Use icing and cold packs to reduce the swelling around the eyes. The cosmetic surgeon will remove the sutures one week after the surgery. Avoid watching television which involves frequent use of eyes. Apply ointment regularly around eyes to aid faster healing of wounds.

Brow lift risks

The risks associated with brow lift surgery are same as other cosmetic surgery procedures. Common risks related to brow lift surgery are:
  • Swelling
  • Change in sensation
  • Accumulation of fluid
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Persistent pain
  • Unsatisfactory results
  • Hair loss around incisions


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