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Gynecomastia Surgery: Cost, Candidates, Procedure and Risks

  • Posted on- Mar 07, 2017
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Gynecomastia is a condition which results in the over development of breasts in men. The use of certain drugs, obesity, or abnormal changes in the hormone are some common factors that may cause gynecomastia. The patients of gynecomastia have low self-confidence and often face emotional discomfort. Gynecomastia disease can occur unilaterally (one breast) or bilaterally (both breasts). The excessive development of glandular tissue causes the breast to sag and stretches the skin surrounding the nipple. Therefore, gynecomastia surgery is performed to reduce the enlarged breast size, to improve the chest shape, and to enhance the upper body look of a patient.

Gynecomastia surgery cost

The average cost of Gynecomastia surgery in India is between 2 to 3 lak rupees. Gynecomastia surgery cost includes surgeon’s fee, medical tests, anaesthesia, prescriptions for medications and hospital facilities charge. However, above-mentioned cost may vary based on the type of hospital, the cosmetic surgeon’s experience and the type of procedure used in the Gynecomastia surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery candidates

Candidates of Gynecomastia surgery include:

  • Men with balanced breast development
  • Non Smokers
  • Have realistic expectations
  • If medicinal treatment has failed in the breast reduction
  • Men who do not have other life threatening disease
  • Men who are not comfortable with large breasts

Gynecomastia surgery procedure

As per cosmetic surgeon’s recommendation, a patient is given general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation to subside the pain during the surgery. Several small incisions are made around the breast to create a pocket. A cannula and a thin hollow tube are used to remove the excess fat. A plastic surgeon may also use a liposuction technique to remove the excess fat.

If gynecomastia is a result of overgrowth of glandular breast tissue, an excision technique is used to reduce the excess development of breast and muscles are repositioned to provide an enhancing look to the chest. Incisions are closed with sutures or surgical tape to ensure proper healing of wounds.

Preparing for Gynecomastia surgery

Before undergoing a Gynecomastia surgery, a patient should tell doctor everything about his medical history, expectations from the surgery, and about his lifestyle. Carefully follow the instructions given by your plastic surgeon. A patient is asked to:
  • Stop smoking
  • Get a blood test or any other diagnostic test ordered by the doctor
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin
  • Avoid eating and drinking on the day of surgery

Gynecomastia surgery risks

The risks and complications associated with gynecomastia  surgery are same as other surgical procedures. Some common risks associated with gynecomastia surgery are:


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18-02-2018 02:29 PM

I was honest and confident during my consultation for my gynecomastia which I have suffered. My surgery was easier than I thought, my result and my chest came out better than I ever expected.

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27-10-2017 12:58 PM

This was by far the best decision I have ever made by going through Gynecomastia surgery. It changed my life.

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