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Chemical Peeling: Types, Benefits, and Risks

  • Posted on- Feb 20, 2017
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Chemical peeling is a cosmetic procedure which involves the use of an acid solution to discard the damaged outer layers of the skin and enhance the appearance of skin around the neck, hands, and face. Chemical peeling can also be, defined as a facial peel, which involves the use of certain chemicals. Chemical peeling process is more favoured than other cosmetic surgery as it requires no cuts and delivers you instant results. The chemical is beneficial for people who want to get rid of their wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, and discoloration. With the removal of damaged skin layer, a new skin layer appears with better colour tone and texture.

Types of Chemical Peeling

There are mainly three types of chemical peeling:

Peripheral Peel- This external peeling is done using the mild acid such as alpha-hydroxy. Use of mild acid only removes the outer surface of skin. Therefore, this procedure is limited to fewer results such as a fresh face, and corrects mild skin pigmentation.

Middle Peeling- The medium peeling discards the dead skin cells from both outer and middle layers of skin. Trichloroacetic and glycolic acid are, used to treat and improve the wrinkles, fine lines, spots, medium skin pigmentation.

Deep peeling- As the name suggests deep peeling removes the damaged and dead skin cells from the inner layer of the skin. This type involves the use of phenol and trichloroacetic acid. However, deep skin peeling can be, only done on the face and is, performed only once.

Who cannot go for Chemical Peeling?

People with lighter hair and fair skin are, generally considered good candidates for chemical peeling. Chemical peeling is not for people who have:

Why consider chemical peeling

If you are unsatisfied with your present skin tone or you want to reduce the side effects of increasing age, you can consider for chemical peeling. Chemical peeling is effective in the treatment of:

Risks of Chemical Peeling

There are hardly any risks and complications associated with chemical peeling. In more than 90% of the patients, no such problem occurs. If any of the following symptoms appears, consult your dermatologist.


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15-02-2018 06:59 AM

My skin of the face was having some dead skin cells in it, then I decided to go through Chemical Peeling process, after having it the results are very good and my appearance has changed.

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20-11-2017 07:48 PM

This is a very useful treatment, it totally changes the appearance of one's and made them look more confident.

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