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letter of appreciation

  • Posted on- Oct 17, 2013
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I am 34 yrs.old , and was advised  an egg donation cycle by a very senior IVFspecialist in Delhi,in view of  AMH value of 0.6, whichsuggested of a declining ovarian function

I was not convinced by this treatment option , then Ihappened to meet Dr.Bhavna, who suggested that an egg donation cycle would givea better pregnancy outcome, but can even try with own eggs. The IVF cycle withmy own eggs failed,. I was very upset and was now prepared to go for a donationcycle. Then Dr.Bhavna suggested, to try 1 cycle of IUI. I was not at all infavour of this procedure, but her evidence based counseling convinced me to goahead. To my greatest surprise I got pregnant in the first attempt of IUI andnow I am 12 weeks pregnant. Thanks a lot Dr.Bhavna for all your efforts andguidance. 




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