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What is the Importance of Mobile Health Application?

  • Posted on- Feb 15, 2017
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The technology has made our lives so easier and has empowered us to have more control on over our daily routine. Everything is now just a click away. Nowadays, we have an app for every possible service. Technology has become the new parameter for prosperity. Especially in developing countries like India, where health sector is growing along the lines of digitisation. By the end of 2018, approx 50% of the smartphone users will use a mobile health application for their health and medical needs.

Advantages of a health app

Saves time and efforts- A patient no more has to wait in the queues of hospitals and clinics for an appointment. A mobile health application allows patient to book an appointment as per his or her own schedule and budget.

Reduces complexity- It gives an edge to the doctor in managing his/her appointments, thereby reducing confusion. 

Proactive Response- One can ask any health related queries from a doctor and get an active response and feedback about their medical condition.

Wider reach- Mobile health application increases the patient -base of a doctor by reaching the maximum number of patients. A mobile health application helps patient in finding the right doctor.

Lazoi being the fastest growing online healthcare portal brings you a compact mobile health application. Now you can have an access to several health care services instantly. Lazoi Lifecare goes by an expression that, ‘the most effective treatment begins with the righteous consultation’. Many of us don’t know about various common diseases or to consult what type of specialist for a particular disease, and if we know about any of these, we are not able to find the qualified doctor we want.

With a strong panel of over 70,000 qualified doctors across  India, patients can easily book confirmed appointment within seconds, so that you and your family can get the best possible treatment without any inconvenience. You can also book diagnostic test from 200+ leading diagnostic centre’s and buy medicines online from our trusted pharmacies. The Lazoi mobile application allows you to manage all your appointments and medical records, even if you are outside India. Lazoi bridges the gap between a patient and a doctor.

Features of Lazoi Mobile Application 

  • Book/Cancel Appointment- Book a quick online appointment with best doctor near you. Search from a number of specialists around you. You can also cancel an appointment if unable to reach the doctor.
  • Buy Medicine- You can buy medicines online from our trusted pharmacies and get faster delivery at your doorstep.
  • Book Diagnostic Test- Book any diagnostic test from 200+ leading diagnostic labs and get reports over email or SMS. Also, get free sample pickup from your office or home.
  • Easy Management Medical Records- Patients records can be easily managed with the help of DocPractice Premium software.
  • SOS Feature, in case of medical emergency- Patients can to send an alert to family members at the time of medical emergency. A message with the location pin goes to to their registered family members and friends.
  • Ask a query- Ask a query from our qualified and experienced doctors and get a guaranteed response. Get free and instant online consultation regarding your query. 

You can download Lazoi mobile health application from Google Play Store or IOS for free.


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14-01-2018 03:40 PM

With the app, it is easy to book appointments and all the necessary things.

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23-11-2017 05:31 AM

That’s the impact of Digital India as everyone wants to be digital and time saver.

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