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Healthy Valentine’s Day: The gifts are good for health

  • Posted on- Feb 14, 2017
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Valentine’s Day is popular around the world and is celebrated in many places including India on 14th Feb. Men and women of India, particularly young couples, celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way. They dress in fine clothing and show their loved one how they feel about them. Popular Valentine’s Day gifts include flowers, cupid, arrows, love birds, the colour red and hearts. The colour red is associated with love, passion and romance.

Valentine’s Day is the big event for everyone all around the world. Love and romance are the things of very necessity in the life of every people to compromise all the pros and cons. It brings a hope of love and romance in everyone’s life. Love has no boundaries.

Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to everyone to enhance the status of love as well as to strengthen their bond of love. Never make your love to get old and outdated, try to make it always young and innovative for whole life. True love has the power to withstand the cruelties of life. When the time is not right, it is true love that gives us strength to weather the storm.

Recently, studies are shedding light on the positive health benefits of Valentine's Day gifts, comprising mainly of flowers, chocolate and wine.

  • Red wine and antioxidants found in red grapes could increase high-density lipoprotein, "good" cholesterol, and lower low-density lipoprotein, "bad" cholesterol, and could prevent blood clots, according to experts.
  • The flavonoids present in dark chocolate may improve the health of the lining in arteries and veins. However, eating too much chocolate can have effects otherwise.
  • Love, good relationship boosts the level of antibodies in the body. They reduce levels of stress chemicals, which can damage the immune system.
  • Love's protective effect against heart disease has been proven by many studies worldwide.
  • Offering your loved one red wine and chocolate for Valentine's Day may, indeed, help you score big in the heart department albeit in a healthy way.

Whether it is chocolates, red roses, wine or time spent together, the point is to give a gift on Valentine's Day to somebody you love and care about. It indirectly affects their health in a positive manner.


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19-12-2017 11:50 PM

I love the theme of Valentine's day, I get lots of chocolates and love from my better half on this day.

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15-10-2017 12:13 AM

I pray to god that everyday can be same like the valentine's day.

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