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Why a mobile app is the next big thing in the Indian healthcare sector

  • Posted on- Feb 04, 2017
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It will not be unfair to say that in the past five years, the Indian Healthcare Sector has seen massive innovation. Gone are the days when booking an appointment with a doctor was a horrendous task. Technology, especially in the healthcare sector, has dramatically changed for better in the last few years. In today’s scenario, you can just sit back, from the comfort of your home/office, book an instant appointment with your preferred doctor within seconds. And not just that, you can order medicines online, book diagnostic lab tests, call for ambulance services as well.

Now that technology is making our tasks simpler by the day, the next big thing in the Healthcare Industry which is sure to stay forever is a Mobile Application. Healthcare apps are making medical services more convenient, less expensive, more deterrent, and in many cases downright better. Lazoi Lifecare- One of India’s leading healthcare portals has come up with a groundbreaking mobile application, catering to the needs of both the patients and doctors. The main utility of the mobile app is to improvise health and wellness services whilst lowering costs and providing better results. The app is both patient and doctor centric. Let us see what’s in store for both of them.


It will be an understatement that Lazoi’s mobile app is one of the finest things that have happened to the Indian Healthcare Sector. Not even a single healthcare mobile app can match what Lazoi’s mobile app has to offer. Here are some of the salient features of the app which patients can easily use:

  • Patients can easily register in few steps with the help of name, email and mobile number.
  • They can search doctor by name/speciality/disease and instantly book appointment.
  • They can view details of a particular doctor and all the locations where he/she practices with timings, consultation fees etc.
  • Patients can reschedule/cancel an appointment if unable to reach. Get email reminders of the appointments as well.
  • Patients can give their feedback of a doctor’s services. They can use the option of ‘recommend the doctor.’
  • As with the doctor appointment, patients can search clinic/hospital name and instantly book appointment.
  • If required, patients can ask health related queries with the doctor.
  • One of the striking features of this app is the SOS Feature. It enables a patient to send an alert to friends and family members in case of a medical emergency. If this button is pressed then an alert message with the location pin goes to people who are in the family friend list in the app. This helps a person when he/she is not able to call. Family members can trace the alert and reach for help with the location details. This feature is for registered members.


With doctors having to keep a record of their appointments, patients’ treatment details, prescriptions, lab test reports etc, Lazoi healthcare app comes as a big sigh of relief. Here’s how doctors can benefit from this app:
  • Doctors can view their appointments.
  • They can review the posted queries and reply instantly.
  • With Lazoi’s health app, doctors can confirm/cancel/reschedule appointments if they are unavailable for some reason.
  • They can inform the status of the appointment to patients via SMS and email.

Why use Lazoi’s Health App?

  • User friendly
  • Appointment booking within seconds
  • Swift appointment confirmation
  • Easy maintenance of records
  • SOS facility
  • Search doctor/hospital/clinic all over India


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21-12-2017 08:05 AM

Mobile app is generally made for the public out there, to save their time and provide them with an ease.

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30-10-2017 09:45 PM

This is the effect of 4G and digital India. Now, booking an appointment to buying medicine online is very easy.

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